The Debris – The New Wave of New Wave New Wave

Timing – sometimes its just all about timing.

Bands can struggle for years, getting nowhere, banging heads against a wall and then suddenly……

Boom – You’re the next big thing – and before you know it, its red carpets, plaudits, awards and all that shizzle.

Or bands form, practice, gig and for whatever reason stop, fall apart, it just didn’t work – the timings wrong, the stars are not aligned, the feeling isn’t there – or in many cases the fun isn’t there. 

Surely that’s what it’s about initially – have a great time with your mates, gigs, beer, music – its not supposed to be a job in the 9-5 sense, not a treadmill.

Other times you just need a break, take some time to consider your next move, what you want to do – wait for the world to catch up and go again.

This is The Debris – a band back on the rocky road to the hallowed turf – No not the Spurs ground, although 3 of the band are big fans of North London’s finest. They see a change in attitudes, they had something before, perhaps they can be better this time – it wasn’t that long ago that the legend Bonehead watched them and said they were like the Sex Pistols.  Alan McGee came to see a gig – in short, they blew it.

But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right.

So recently I was asked to listen to some of their tracks on Soundcloud and give feedback – It was my pleasure and I’m returning the favour by writing this.

From the off its quite clear this is a Punk band in the time-honoured tradition – think Sex Pistols and The Clash.  However as you listen to their songs you start to get the feel of other influences and good song writing – certainly there is an element of early Jam, but also Oasis at their rawest most punky – think Headshrinker, the type of songs Liam had more influence on before Noel took over complete control.

But for me there is an underlying Psychedelic aspect to the songs that puts the band in the late 60’s/Early 70’s punk camp – the MC5, The Stooges, New York Dolls. I then got a sense of that mid 70’s US Punk of Richard Hell and Television – no bad thing and different to what I am hearing at the minute.

Bringing it more up to date there is an element of S*M*A*S*H and These Animal Men lurking in there -its raw, its honest – it’s the kind of music that we need from a London band.  When was the last decent London band with balls and attitude? No reason it can’t be The Debris (great name BTW)

Being Punks, the band have yet to fully embrace social media – but they will do soon and with a reinvigorated outlook and some new tunes to showcase they might be kicking in your inbox very soon.

Certainly, one to watch with interest – be sure to check them out on SoundCloud and remember where you read about them first.

Londons New Punk Rock
This is my favourite track

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