Album review – The Tides of Time – The Mariners

So it’s clear these rapskallions are my favourite new band at the minute and I’ve been looking forward to their album ever since I first heard them in the Spring.

For me they are your archtypal British group, formed from the same magic as the best of the 60s. However you chuck in a large dose of USA Californian and Haight Ashbury grooviness and your on the right track.

So what about the album. Can it deliver on these promises. Has it docked at the right port, will it sail off into history or sink like a leaky boat.

Well stop panicking, because this is a debut that is more HMS Fable then Titanic. I promise to stop using seafaring analogy eventually.

It’s packed full of the types of songs you’d expect from a beat combo. Ducking and diving between the best of the Beatles, Kinks, Byrd’s and Simon n Garfunkel etc

Kicking off with the up beat Send my love to you – they mean business a great opener and underpinned by a great organ sound.

Gimme More is next up a slower paced but laden with harmonies harking back to that late 60s feel of San Francisco bands – a real quality song – please give me more indeed.

Cuppa Tea – No British band worth their salt should fail to write a song about Britishness – and nothing more British then Tea really is there – it sounds just like you would think. Sun, Orchards, Tea, relaxing – Love this track – so Kinksy or even early Floyd in its imagery. Nice use of Sitar sound.

Not Fit For Use – A great video first of all – but the song is a great look back at the post war change in the country when old homes were knocked down and big estates were built. Its very LS Lowry. Great little chorus and piano. Melancholic but jaunty.

Cathy Come Home – Well the song that started it all of for me – Girl leaves home for a better life – its a mini kitchen sink drama – really good lyrics and a tune to die for – Love it.

Bring her back to me – A rocking tune – great guitar affects – lots of influences jumping out and something live I think would kick some butt. Again a great use of sitar guitar and a almost spaghetti western feel to it – think The Stairs.

Dreaming of You – Got to be a homage to The Coral surely – a lovely song about finding Love – very Beatles TBF.

Stuck inside my head – This is taking the best from The La’s and maybe even The Pretty Things – should be a live favourite.

If I Cry – A slow acoustic track – a bit like the La’s as well which is great – quite a sad song but shows maturity in songwriting.

Sycamore Street – Backwards guitar sounds, sitar, again a song about Britishness – Its the Kinks and The Beatles – Its Number 1 in a parallel universe that’s for sure – Blur would kill to write a song this good.

The Album ends with Can’t get outta bed – “Hey Girl” it starts – “well your gunna get burnt” – great lyrics again ending the album on a high – Love the Ooh La Las and backwards guitars to end.

And its done – no messing about – better go back to the start and play again.

So whilst this album is rooted in the 60’s as I listen more I’m picking up more modern acts which all share a love for the 60’s – Yes there is a La’s/Cast feel to it, but also The Bluetones, Dodgy and certainly The Coral – its an album that is accessible to everyone and will bring joy to many in this miserable time of our lives.

I would say more but I do need to have another listen – so should you so put on your Cuban Heals and get on board. This is one ship you won’t be sick of (sorry)!



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