Album review – Finer Times in Other Worlds – Crimson Bloom

Ah the difficult second album – something of a legend in music or is it just a myth? Whilst some bands release such a magnificent first album its almost impossible to follow (The Stones Roses), other bands take it in their stride (Oasis), some release an even better album after a dodgy start (Blur, Radiohead). I think it is just a term to make headlines and sell papers.

But anyway hot on the heals of their debut self titled album in 2018, Mr Bloom and his band are back with another slice of jangly, feelgood, dancey tunes – so is it any good?

Well I’m pleased to say that those of us that are fans of the first album, this is not going to disappoint – its a step forward in their sonic flower groove – taking influence from the best the late 80’s and early 90’s had to throw at us – putting it in the centre of the ever growing great new band/music scene.

Kicking off with the title track Finer Times – this is a new baggy classic – think Lay me Down by The Mock Turtles – its groovy baby. “Here’s to finer times” sings Andy – indeed.

This is the future – an early single and the most angry song of theirs I think they have done. “Dreams can’t be trusted” “This whole mess is down to you” – Must be about Brexit.

Begone and Chasing Gold follow – Begone is a sombre song but done in an upbeat way – praying that you be gone – Id love to know who this is about.

Chasing Gold is the song the Stone Roses should of released after One Love – its pure baggy groove and brings back those Spike Island/Madchester Vibes in the area – lots of Shoot you down type guitars and bongos – a great great song.

Eyes Likes the Moon reminds me of The Bluetones – a quick note on Andy’s vocals on the tracks – they suit the songs really well – a cross between Mick Jones of The Clash in his less punk songs and Mark Morris.

Cut Me Down is just a great single – all buzzy guitars – early Roses sounding – great chorus “Cut me down like a flower”

The Game of Love is another slower paced groove based song – underpinned with great guitar.

Its all a movie is a different song – lyrically its quite angry again “you twist your claws and stake your claim” Its really catchy as well like early The Smiths – Johnny Marr type guitars and biting lyrics. Always a great way to write a song.

The album ends with The Brightest Star a 6 min opus – ending on a high – upbeat and uplifting. A driving song I think. Its ends with a guitar laden breakdown that slowly drifts into the ether like a star I guess. Really cool.

So that’s that – no issue for me regarding the “difficult” 2nd Album syndrome. Onto the 3rd.

I’d really like to see the band expand their sound further – move into the Primal Scream Screamadelica stage of their career – clearly Andy is a very good songwriter with an ear for a tune – he has a love for this type of music that stops it from being pastiche. The past was yours the futures theirs.

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