The Artists and The Music – My First Blogging Month

So its been one month already since I started this Blog and what a whirlwind. I have been completely taken away with the positive response it has had and its completely exceeded my expectations.

I’ve been able to connect to so many interesting people – bands/artists/bloggers/influencers/comedians and all round good eggs.

At times its been hard to keep on top of it all – trying to listen to new music whilst also writing about it, releasing it and promoting, is keeping me busy and that’s before I include my normal day job and also my other job as Superdad/Superhusband.

That being said I love it – I’m totally addicted to it and I want to do more and more and expand my blog as much as I can. I have some big ideas and hopefully I will be able to see them through.

Obviously the main reason for this blog was to promote the new and the cool with a look back at the past where it mattered and was relevant or interesting.

So what about the bands, artists and music I’ve been switched onto this month? Well I wanted to do a Hot List but instead I’m just going to add tracks to my Rebirth Of Cool Playlist on Spotify and shout out specific tracks on Twitter as much as I can.

Obviously I was bang into The Mariners, GreenCircles, Crimson Bloom, The Lathums, Citylightz, West On Colfax, The Crooks and a few others before I started, but below are some of the new ones I’ve been listening to with some comments.

Moonlight Parade – A total revelation – just so many different and brilliant songs – they seem special already – the remixes are awesome and the new EP is top drawer

Afflecks Palace – Gunna be huge really – such a buzz – really cool. Hope to see them in October as well.

Maker – Just great British Rock N Roll – We need a band like this.

The Lutras – Just love Run & Hide – what a great voice – Scottish music at its best.

The Rotanas – Scores on the doors is ace and another band that DP Happy Hour got me onto.

Floodhounds – Dirty Glam Rock. More please.

SKIES – What an amazing Electronic Pop Band – It’s Alright its my song of lockdown.

Red Rum Club – now playing on Radio 2 – I’m a sucker for Mariachi trumpets and they like to use them (a lot) – New Dexys maybe!

The Lottery Winners – Funny Pop music – Great name as well.

Reclaim Vienna – Yep its Depeche Mode and other great Electro bands from the 80’s.

Teenage Waitress – complete left field for me – still trying to work out if they are a band or a solo artist – different but interesting.

So if you get chance please have a listen to the playlist below.

Finally a quick shout out to some of those that have got involved, inspired me and gave me their time and support:

Meg, Andy, Sam, Nicki, Ian, Tom, West on Colfax, The Mariners, Moonlight Parade, Matt M, Paul GC, The Debris, The Mystics, DP Happy Hour, Redders, Indie Rob and VPC, Jon R, Old Indie Kid, Matt K and loads of others.

I feel part of a great community and during these strange days you have kept me going.




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