Single Of The Week – Crying on the radio – Monza Express

Who doesn’t love a song with a great chorus, great hooks, lyrics about love, break-ups, wanting someone back. The basis of all great pop songs follow these simple rules.

Writing a song that is good using these factors is another matter – and its always a pleasure when a new song comes along and blows you away.

Crying on the radio did that for me – it was late one night when I was trying to find some more decent songs when this pop nugget jumped out.

I may/may not be a music snob but if a band has great name I will pay it more attention – Monza Express is a great band name.

So I listened and from the slow build up to the first chorus I was hooked – it already sounded familiar but in a great way – if you start a song with “5 Years, no not the David Bowie song” you’ve got my attention.

“I’m still in love with every part of you” “Are you in love with any part of me” “Well are you?, Well are you”

Then the chorus kicks in “Crying on the radio” “it means so much to me” “It will always mean something special” – its immense and if your not singing it by now then go and have a word with yourself and stop pretending to like Indie music. We can all relate with these lyrics can’t we – who hasn’t cried over a song on the radio after a break up.

The overall sound is a mixture of all classic UK indie pop (think Franz Ferdinand), but with the likes of Green Day at their most accessible. If this came out in 95 or 05 it would be a top 20, no scratch that a top 10 single.

At 4 mins it doesn’t out stay its welcome and ends…… well your just have to listen to it won’t you.

Expect every indie disco to be jumping to this over the next few month’s.

Nice work – now tell me about that name?




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