These are some of my favourite things – New Music

So had a bit of a rush on in recent weeks and fortunately I’ve heard lots of great new music. The following is just a quick snap shot of some of my favourite new toons.

Behind the sun – Eskobar – Coming on like early Kasabian and Ian Brown Solo work – Good groove and worth checking out –

Liquid Love – The Modern Society – More chilled out vibes – catchy chorus – different

Whitstable – Play Dead – Short sharp Punk – it lasts for 1m.41 secs which is just perfect.

Snake Hips – Louis and the Shakes – Coming on all Jack White or Alex Turner, dirty rock n roll which I’m a sucker for. Probably cooler then I’ll ever be.

Have Mine – The Sonder – One of my favourites at the minute – great americana feel to this track, great vocals – one to watch for sure.

Take back the track – The Magic Gang – Great little funky number – ideal for summer drinking and playing loud in the garden or car.

Shifting Sands – The Azenas – Jingle jangle pop – if you like The Mariners you’ll love this – great vocals and tune.

Strangers – Man of Moon – Electro/Dance – Bit of a banger really think LCD Soundsystem

Dungaree Day – Paul Molloy – Find me a better summer tune this year – The Coral lad shows us what he’s got – Just brilliant – guaranteed to cheer you up and get you singing along.

There’s plenty others as well – a few I’m going to do a longer piece on as they get closer to release as I think they deserve it.

But enjoy these and have a listen.

Please comment and let me know your thoughts.



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