New Band/New Music – Tiger Mimic

Another new band on the horizon – I’ve always been a sucker for that New York Cool, the Punk Sound, CBGB’s, Old Skool Hip Hop, The Beasties I could go on.

So when I’ve been invited to listen to a band made up of two New Yorker’s I’m going to say yes.

Tiger Mimic are a 4 piece made up of Jess on Vocals and Keys, Bram on Guitar and Vocals (They are the NY contingent ) with Ben on Bass and BV’s with George on Drums.

They formed in August 2018 and in that short space of time they have been regularly gigging and already released a few tunes and a EP called Elephant Skeleton which was produced by Matt Lawrence of Amy Winehouse/Mumford & Sons fame.

They are just about to release their new single “Where the fire used to be” so I took a listen and decided to share with you all.

The single kicks of in dramatic style, big crashing drums and surf type guitars. The vocals are shared by Bram and Jess on this track and their voices work really well together. Its easy to compare them to Pixies at their best but I also liken them to a punked up B-52’s. As the song progresses, Jess takes over more vocal duties – this is great as Jess has some pipes on her – very much Anna Calvi but also similar to Lia from other new band The Mysterines, however there is also a Country music tinge to her voice that adds warmth. Personally I think its great that we are seeing more women leading from the front, I’ve a feeling Jess is going to break a few hearts with the indie faithful as well.

Tiger Mimic

The song rattles along at a fenetic pace and after a few plays your hooked. Its has a familiar sound but also fresh sounding – its a great mix of UK/US sounds ultimately, as you would expect.

Lyrically the song is strong as well – with the following being my favourite verse.

How lucky that we were to stand there at all

Surrounded by the glowing gold of the fall

The whole world starting over again in the spring

Carried on the tiny hollow bones of robins wings.

This is a band to keep an eye on – they have some good backing, producers and distinct sound and I have a feeling they will really appeal to UK Audiences.

Why don’t you have a listen and let me know what you think. See the pre-release link below:

Additional Social media links:

IG: @tiger.mimic
Twitter: @tigermimic
Facebook: @tigermimicband

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