New Artist/New Music – Reba

Reba is a singer/songwriter from the South East of this fair isle.

I recently picked up on her music, thanks to the #dphappyhour and was immediately drawn to the song “A Secret I’ll never tell” from the EP Confessions.

The song itself starts off like some Julee Cruise/Twin Peaks track, very atmospheric before breaking into a funky little number that reminds me a lot of that Spiller track Groovejet with Sophie Ellis Bextor. Its a great summer tune and would work well on the radio up and down the country as well as in the clubs.

The EP is well worth a listen, it’s a good showcase of Reba’s talent not just as a singer but an accomplished songwriter. Wasting no time I asked her if I could write a piece about how she got to this stage and gladly Reba answered my questions.

When did you first realise you had a passion for songwriting/singing/performing?

When I was younger, I was in a primary school choir group, we would sing the most ridiculous and random songs for a choir! But I think that’s where my passion spawned. My teacher would make us do the craziest vocal exercises like pretending to chew toffees to get ready to sing!

How would you describe your music to someone?

Just like my music taste, I would say it was varied, but my go to would be indie pop.

What instruments can you play?

Throughout my life I’ve tried to learn a few instruments, such as violin and clarinet but I wasn’t too good at those! In my 20s I’ve picked up ukulele and keyboard, I’d say I was a novice at both, but I do really enjoy them!!

Are you self taught or have you lessons?

I taught myself keyboard and I attended some lessons for ukulele!

When did you first start writing?

I have been writing since I was a teenager but nothing was as good as what I wrote last year. I started with the second song on my EP, Gone Now (Okay), last year and then it just sort of clicked and I was more confident and able to write music!

Who are your musical influences?

Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Dodie, My Morning Jacket, Emma Blackery, Lily Allen, Leadley and so many more!!

What’s your favourite record/song?

This is so hard! I would say my favourite record is Evil Urges by My Morning Jacket

What’s your favourite song you have written?

Games is my favourite song I’ve written because I love the lyrics in that one. There’s a lot hidden meanings within the lyrics, because it’s actually based on a card game and an experience of my friend. Also the guitar solo by my producer, Pete Turtle, is incredible! (MT note yes it is)

What are your plans with your music?  Gigs?  Album?  Vinyl releases?

I’ve got some more songs to record and release as singles (my goal is to eventually make an album!) but hopefully as things start to normalise after the Covid outbreak, I’ll be able to start gig-ing!

How’s lockdown been for you?

It’s been surreal! I have a job alongside being a musician which, like many, ended up being done from home. Which is tricky as a playschool teacher! I spent loads of time with my family which was lovely and thankfully my family and friends are fit and healthy.

How important is social media to promote your music?

Massively important, it’s the main way I communicate with my followers about my music and videos. The main place I go to update people is Instagram Stories, it’s the easiest place to share what I’ve been working on and what I’ve been up to!

What’s the response been from people that have heard your music?

It’s been overwhelming honestly, people I know in real life didn’t expect it at all, and when I’m featured on the radio or playlists like BBC Music Introducing people are so kind. They praise the lyrics and my voice and are genuinely interested in it which is so kind!

Did you enjoy DP Happy Hour?

It was a real treat being involved in the DP Happy Hour, the bands and artists are all so supportive of each other and give great feedback. It was also really fun to hear everyone else’s tracks, I especially enjoyed Get Ready With Me by Lucky Iris and Eyeliner by Milo Gore!

Now some get to know you questions:

Tea or Coffee?

Oh that’s a tricky one, if I could only have one, I’d say Tea, but I do love iced coffees!

Fish N Chips or Curry?

I’m a vegetarian but I’ll take the chips from the fish shop, and much to my dads,(who’s from Sheffield) delight, I would chuck some gravy on top too! Delish!

Favourite Destination?

Paphos in Cyprus as a lot of my holidays as a teen were in Cyprus!

Favourite Tipple?

I’m not a big drinker, but I’d say a Vodka with Dr Pepper or a Parma Violet Gin and lemonade!

Best place for a night out?

I don’t go out out too often, but I love a night at my friends by the coast playing board, card and video games!

Thanks Reba – really interesting answers and now we all know you a bit better – Parma Violet Gin – may have to give that a go as well.

I hope my readers take the time to check Reba’s music out – it may not be the type of music I listen to all the time but even I need a break from blokey guitars and in your face anthems. I’m glad I did as its been a very enjoyable experience and her music reminds me a lot of a band called Lamb from a while back that were very atmospheric and dancey all at the same time.

I’m sure we will hear more from Reba over the next few years and I will be keeping an eye on how she develops as well.

The links to Reba’s music and social media is here:

Twitter – @Reba_lou

As always – please comment and share this blog.



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