Single of the week – The Rosadocs – Say Something

It seems that Yorkshire is a rich haven for talent at the moment – as well as having great tea.

The Rosadocs are another new band that you may not heard of, a 4 piece hailing from Sheffield. They have been around since 2017 releasing songs, gigging and getting better all the time.

I have just listened to their new release Say Something and sharing my thoughts on such.

Kicking off like a lost Buzzcocks song this is easily their most accomplished song to date and shows real development. Its a sound of a band that is finding their feet and how they want to sound. I think it’s fair to say this is less like Sheffield’s finest other 4 piece.

It is great to see young bands develop over each release though – maybe something that being signed to a major label in the old days, few got the chance to do. However it must be difficult trying to make a space in this social media age and get yourself heard without major label backing, so credit to the bands and artists that keep at it.

The song itself is built around a super catchy chorus the “Say something” the title suggests with lyrics that talk about failed relationships and not liking my friends.

I have a feeling this will be a live favourite once gigs get going again and make them lots of new fans and hopefully more air play.

Make sure you have a listen to it over the next few weeks and check out the bands other tracks as well.

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