New Band/New Music – Polyhymns – Hybrid Sunday E.P.

I don’t really like genre labels, its a pigeonhole that says you can only listen to this if you like that form of music – its a bit elitist at times as well, but then taking it to the extreme we wouldn’t be able to call it Rock or Rap or Indie I spose. But the sub labels do get a bit much at times.

Its just music isn’t it? You either like it or you don’t – I have no problem saying this artist sounds like someone or is influenced by so and so, as its a way into it sometimes, it helps you decide whether its worth your time and investment.

One of my pet genre peevs is Alt-Folk or Lo-Fi – what does that mean? Anyway….

Polyhymns are are Alt-Folk act and Hybrid Sunday is their first e.p. release. πŸ™‚

So I didn’t let that put me off – I’m no novice when it come to beats driven music – I was a massive Ninja Tunes fan back in the day and spent a lot of money on Mo Wax and Wall of Sound records as well. I’ve even stated that the Wagon Christ album Throbbing Pouch from 1995 was my favourite from all albums of that strong Brit-Pop year. Go check it out if you can find it BTW you will not be disappointed. Anyway back to Polymns.

The E.P. has 4 songs and here are my thoughts:

JK – Is what most call Alt-Folk – Acoustic guitars and beats – very chilled – its the closest to a real song – it reminds me of the Beta Band and is all the better for it.

Unboxers – Distorted guitars and dub noodlings with ethereal vocals- something off Screamadelica but it actually reminds me a lot of early Fleetwood Mac and Albatross. Its my favourite off the EP and is going on my chilled out Ibiza type playlist. High Praise I think.

Toes – This is more sparse and kinda Sheffield bleep sounding so the band tell me. I get that – a bit LFO actually. Vocals kick in around 2 min 40 – again wouldn’t go a miss down the Cafe Del Mar. Its a bit like The Grid or other early 90’s chill out tracks.

Glyn – Very much like a theme tune to a car chase – Sabres of Paradise – Theme sounding to these ears – great organ sound that drives the track along – pretty cool actually. I can see this being used in some sci fi/futuristic Film or TV show.

So 4 tracks of varied and thought provoking tunes. Overall I really like it – its more Trip-Hop if I was labelling but you know I don’t like that.

So give your ears a treat and have a listen – follow the band and give some feedback.

The EP is out later this week but you can find the band below on Spotify and of course other sites and social media





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