Dig The New Breed! Papas got a brand new bag!

I’m back after a short rest and recharge.

I haven’t been resting too much though, been trying to catch up on all the good music out there brothers and sisters and by jingo there is plenty.

So just a quick piece on some of the new bands, artists and tracks I’ve been listening to over the last few weeks – hopefully some new to your ears as well. So whatcha got I hear you ask?

Boom – First up from the valleys of South Wales comes FEVERJAW a rock band nonetheless and a track called Bloodwork – its their first single from their upcoming debut album and like all good Welsh bands, it packs a punch – its got a great riff and if you like your music a bit heavier but still melodic like Feeder, then give this a go I think you’ll like it.

Next up is The Shop Window – they have a new single out called Evacuate and if you like your early Ride/Janglepop like I do, then you will dig this. Its like the sister track to Twisterella by Ride and all the better for it. Its catchy and summery and I just think its great. Please check out the rest of the bands stuff as its all good.

So through the shop window and into outer spase!

The Spase are another couple of fine fellows that asked me to take a listen – I’m glad they did as they have loads of great songs. Coming on like an early Beatles or REM they have a touch of Shack and Mick Head about them as well so that for me is already a big plus. They have a song called My Hand which you really should listen to, Its awesome.

Rodeo FM are a German band from Berlin, playing Americana – so that’s as random as you can get. Anyone that reads my stuff regularly knows I love a bit of Americana and especially West On Colfax and for fans of this genre, will like Rodeo FM – Very CSNY and just right for these late summer vibes we are getting – go and check them out.

Seprona are known to quite a few and getting more well known as the weeks pass – took me a while but I finally got bang into Rose Tinted Eyes – its got that great 80’s fill to it – sits alongside Apollo Junction, Red Rum Club as potential next big things – keep your eyes on this lot.

The Strifes are new to me and probably all of us – they are about to release their debut single All Day and Night – not a Kinks cover but an original tune – 3 young lads giving it a go with pop punk throwbacks but there is something good going on here – a great chorus and shows great promise – I think they will appeal to many.

I’ll end this little piece with another big shout out to one of my Geordie friends (I have a few now which is great) GreenCircles – they have just gone and covered Made Of Stone and turned it into something different but equally as beautiful. It’s deserves your attention because its that good.

So there you have it – there is plenty more to do now – September for me is always busy and more so then ever – but I’m ready to go again especially as the music keeps coming.



Please comment, listen and share.


2 thoughts on “Dig The New Breed! Papas got a brand new bag!

  1. I’m glad I discovered you’re blog. A nice cross section of new music, I particularly liked The Spase track, also the GreenCircles cover.




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