The Rebirth Of Cool Hot List

I’m gunna try and do a more regular piece on what new tracks I’ve been listening to, that you should all listen to at least once. Hopefully much more. We all need to do our bit especially as lock down continues and gigs seem further away then ever. Please try and buy physical copies of the artists work or at least pay for a download, as it gives vital income to continue in these troubled times.

Ok preaching over.

I’m starting to be sent more and more new tunes to listen too at the moment and this is great and just what I want. MORE PLEASE. If you ask me to listen I will – its my pleasure.

All artists mentioned will be on my playlist so you can check them out there or on their own links I will share.

So get your motor runnin’……..

First up is the hardest working man in The North East – Mr Bloom and his great band Crimson Bloom – they’ve just released my favourite song from their excellent second album Finer Times in other Worlds.

Chasing Gold in short is a long lost baggy classic – its the astral twin of Fools Gold, all funky beats and psychedelic guitars. Its magnificent and I hope it gets the Bloom Army more exposure. You can also buy a limited edition T-Shirt of the cover – I did and its Top, Nice One etc. So please get your maracas out and give it a blast.

Next up is one of my favourite singer songwriters around at the moment and easily one of the coolest.

Jay Tennant has just released a banger of a tune – Star Chasing is one of the best I’ve heard from Jay, it sounds like a Johnny Marr solo single crossed with early Verve. It has a killer chorus which manages to name check Garbo, Bardot and Monroe and linking in Jay’s love of films. Play it loud. It’s ace.

A new band to me this week is Daydream Runaways and their slice of fresh Indie Rock – Crazy Stupid Love – its got that great Alt-USA feel to it – Fountains of Wayne style and early 00’s vibe. Its really catchy and whilst not officially released until 2nd October I wanted to get it on your radar now so you can check it out.

Following the new band route – I’ve already tweeted about All Night Dining and their debut release There must’ve been a reason. I love to be caught off guard and this did it for me. Its got that great early punk feel to it. Those of you that have heard of Television or Tom Verlaine will love this – it’s also got a Lyndsey Buckingham Fleetwood Mac vibe and Kings Of Leon. Certainly a band to watch to see how they develop further.

Going to finish off and shout out to Citylightz and their 1st Anniversary of easily one of their greatest knockout songs Swinging Bombs – It’s a proper belter so do them a favour and go and listen.

I hope you enjoyed this little piece – its a bit of a cross section of what I listen too – something for everyone I think.

My ever evolving, always expanding, never boring play list is here just hit shuffle:

Until next time.


Be Kind



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