The Rebirth Of Cool Hot List 2

So here we go again a quick round up of what I’ve been listening to, that you should all listen to at least once. Hopefully much more. We all need to do our bit especially as lock down continues and gigs seem further away then ever. Please try and buy physical copies of the artists work or at least pay for a download, as it gives vital income to continue in these troubled times.

All artists mentioned will be on my playlist so you can check them out there or on their own links I will share.

So first out of the blocks this month is the new single from the fast becoming one of my favourite bands Tiger Mimic and their great new song – King Of Machines – this is really taking it up a level from previous songs and they are building a strong body of work. Its got a great groove and production to it with a glam rock feel in places or like a Rock Opera – like when Meatloaf was good (he was once honestly). However its uniquely Tiger Mimic and should bring even more listeners to their growing reputation as one of the best around.

Next up is a new band to me but already has lots of songs to check out – Animal Breakdown with their 80’s inspired song Almost Lost – its got that dark and moody sound that reminds you of The Cure and other bands of that ilk – they are not Goths BTW – not that it would matter if they were – its a really good sound and the guitar is infectiously brilliant – one to keep an eye on for sure.

Apostles are next and they are just about to release the follow up to their debut song Waste a Moment which was a firm favourite with me. This new song Goldrush is again a top tune and catchy as Corona – they certainly now how to write a chorus these lads so please check it out. From Wigan as well, I’m not sure what’s going in the water up there at the moment but I want some (no its not Peckham Spring).

Northern Revelation are well a revelation (sic) – with their song History – they have gone full out with the type of anthem that parka monkeys will love and the rest of us will dig as well. Totally worth a listen.

The Unknown Brothers are hugely prolific and I’ve been listening to them quite a bit – their new release is a banger and probably their best song so far – All for Show is a rock song for sure but good with it. It’s got a kinda 1995 The Charlatans groove to it, great guitars and harmonies – very catchy and continues to impress to the end. Really worth a listen or 12.

Another new artist to me and one that I have been playing every day since last week is the epic sounding The Santos Connection – I could of chosen a few songs to introduce them to you but their newest release is Cosmonaut which kindles thoughts of Ben Folds Five. They are well crafted songs with a sound I’ve not heard from many other artists at the moment. They have something different going on that I’m sure will reach a larger audience. Get on them now you won’t regret it.

So there you have it – a few new artists to tickle your fancy.

To be honest I could of written a lot more on what I’ve been listening too, as the quality keeps coming through. New songs by Skylights, Columbia, Lock-In and Connie Miles are all floating into my ears at the minute and making my life so much more enjoyable.

So remember when it comes to new artists you just have to follow these easy rules:





So again for the many new readers – my ever evolving, always expanding, never boring play list is here – just hit shuffle:

Until next time.


Be Kind



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