The Rebirth Of Cool Hot List 3

The thing about hot lists, is that as soon as you finish one, you gotta do another straight away. Its like a never ending episode of TOTP – I’m very obsessed with TOTP’90 at the minute – great seeing again Indie taking over the Pops studio.

Anyway focus Tanner.

So flying out of the blocks is Daydream Runaways and there new EP Dreamlands headed by the excellent tune Fairytale Scene – another band that is getting some attention at the moment – they peddle that catchy early 00’s indie that’s part USA Fountains of Wayne and part Razorlight (but good) – they have a really polished sound and would easily soundtrack a teen movie for sure. The whole EP is worth a listen Light The Spark and especially Crazy Stupid Love are belters and I’ve banged on about Crazy Stupid Love before so you will know it. Great blokes to chat to as well. This Is The Way.

Thrillhouse were recommended to me by my good Oz brother @oldindiekid The band also tapped me up so I took the time to listen. I’m pleased to report this is another band worth checking out – they have just released a new tune called If It’s important and its got a different sound to what’s around at the moment – whispered type vocals which again hark back to the 80’s . Its got a really catchy keyboard riff with a slide guitar over the top. It’s well worth a listen – I like it a lot and their other stuff is quite mesmeric as well.

Jonny Ash are band from Wrexham and are going back to very early Oasis and Verve sounds on their debut song Eclipse – and if this is anything to go by they mean business. I love the rawness of it all especially the guitar which is right in your face. Gotta thank Dan and Amy for putting this on their #DPHappyhour play list. Play it loud in the car. Proper good stuff.

The Perps (Great band name) – are 4 lads from Manchester who’ve also decided we need some more Rock N Roll in our lives – TBF we do. They already released some great Manchester sounding music and their new song Bad Way continues the quality – a driving guitar riff and some angry vocals but still delivered with charm – someone said they sound a bit like Rev n the Makers early stuff – so that’s ok with me. Certainly a band live that would kick up a storm – oh gigs (thinks of the old days) Chk Chk Chk them out.

So there you have it – a few new artists to tickle your fancy.

To be honest I could of written a lot more on what I’ve been listening too, as the quality keeps coming through. New songs by Skylights, Columbia, Lock-In and Connie Miles are all floating into my ears at the minute and making my life so much more enjoyable.

So remember when it comes to new artists you just have to follow these easy rules:





So again for the many new readers – my ever evolving, always expanding, never boring play list is here – just hit shuffle:

Until next time. I’m off to start the next article about more great music.


Be Kind



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