The Rebirth Of Cool Hot List 4

Back at it – for number 4 of the cool list – the best of the newest new tunes to check out and I’m hoping there is a nice variety of music for you to listen to and share with the world. I’d like to the teach the world to sing.

So lockdown and lock in.

Kicking of today is a band that always shout out some amazing music recommendations so I felt its only fair to give them a deserved mention here. Independent Music Club and their absolute banger of a tune Lost Inside. It’s another part electro part rock n roll tune that rekindles the sound of the great INXS and other BIG acts of the 80’s/90’s. A great riff that drives the track on – a bit like U2 in their Discotheque days. They have loads of music to listen to and if your into your stadium filling, cool as fcuk music that you can sing at the top of your voices then you’ll love IMC. Keep the recommendations coming lads.

Juliper Sky I think we’re a recommendation from the above and I’m glad they did. Into the Outer light is brimming with Shoegazey/Dream Pop sounds – its like Ride/Chapterhouse all over again but fresh and interesting and for now. These lads are doing something really good with this genre and again they have a whole load of great tracks to wrap your lugs hole around.

Gaume are totally new to me and something I heard while tuning into Unheard Indie on Soundcloud whilst I waited for the lights to turn green. Haters gonna hate me Starts of nice and soft until it kicks off once the chorus hits. In fact it ripped my head off – I don’t want to write too much about this track just LISTEN to it LOUD and then play it again LOUDER. Its MASSIVE.

Vela Incident have also just released there pitch for song of the year. I’m not joking Home is a brilliant brilliant song – seeing as we are all stuck there – your going want something that makes it bareable. It’s starts off like a peak Hup Era Wonderstuff song – building slowly with an insatiable guitar underpinned with a brilliant hammond sound. The vocals are awesome – like Kelly Jones full of passion and soul. This is a band to watch…..go get it on NOW.

Finally ending with everyone’s favourite New Kids on the Block – Revivalry and their new song Lost Bliss. You can’t fail to love the charm of these youngsters. Again Connie’s vocal bring the song to life but the music and especially the drumming drives the song along and continues their upwards trajectory to take over the world. I know bands that have been around for ages that haven’t made music this good. The future is bright, the future is theirs.

Right – that’s enough spoiling for one weekend – until the next time – Remember –





And don’t forget – my ever evolving, always expanding, never boring play list is here – just hit shuffle:


Be Kind



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