Strange Noise from another World – New Indie for Old Ears

So lets get back to Indie, the kinda indie that was always underground, always going to be off kilter, maybe never going to be world beating, maybe never going to be a club banger, no parkas here thats for sure.

I’ve always looked for the arch, the different, the outsiders, something to challenge my preconceptions, something that I have to listen to, isn’t instantly accessible and probably created by artists that just need to express themselves, they want to be heard of course, but being Top of The Pops (I’m still obsessed btw) just isn’t what they are about.

Indie music.

So amongst the huge mountain of music I’m now plowing through, I often come across these tracks and I listen and I listen good – they may not all tick my built in pop sensibilities box, but there are some that still deserve to be heard, deserve a wider audience and appreciation.

Its good for you, its not elitist, but in a way it is, but it’s more a little secret you keep to yourself and share with your most like minded friends and it makes them feel good, or it makes them understand you a bit better, especially if like me you’ve always struggled to express these feelings in the spoken word. Yes I can write it (just) – but verbalising it is another matter – the music I like is an expression of me. Part loud banger, part catchy dance music, but also a bit quirky, a bit different. I’m Indie and Indie is me I guess.

So the following is a quick snap shot of artists and music available that I encourage you to give some time to – you may not feel its your thing and that’s cool, its not a bad reflection on you or your taste. However you may enjoy it, you may really like it, it may make you search out other music like that, it may just help you through the day.

So have a cup of tea and put a record on and lets begin.

Pocket Lint – sent me a couple of tunes last week – once I listened I immediately replied saying it reminded me a lot of early Bowie and Syd Barrett – that kinda of London fragile music (is that a thing?). When winter comes again is a short piano based song that echoes the likes of Life on Mars, its too short but that’s the key – you have to listen to it again. I suggest you do. I guess overall Mark’s (the main main) music reminds me of The Divine Comedy – tragic and sombre but uplifting and interesting with wry lyrics that make you listen. He has a song called Stepney which for us Londoner’s is reason enough to listen and yes its like a Victorian shanty that would work well in a drama about Jack the Ripper or similar. Daydreams of Aidi is a guitar driven song which is very much underground Britpop – more Lenny Valentino by The Auteurs then Girls & Boys by Blur.

Go check him out here:

Debris Disks is another solo guy under the said moniker – the music is very synth driven with a soft touch, ambient in places, echoing the multi layers of Brian Wilson. OMD and Pet Shop Boys also spring to mind. James suggests its dream pop – not sure what that is but I’d certainly play it as I drifted off into sleep as its very calming. Vocally it sounds like Paul Draper’s solo music or the more experimental side of Mansun – I really like that personally. I especially like No Fear and We never die – both super songs from a obviously very talented artist.

Go check them out here:

Next up is the winner of my 900th follower competition, Invisible Wire Band and there debut EP The Useful Idiots – the first track The Useful Idiots (natch) is a wah wah heavy tune with heavy bass – its got a pretty cool groove to it – again I’m thinking Mansun which is great. Shadow Play is a more darker themed tune not completely unlike its name sake by Joy Division – The two other tracks are remixes of the former and are very interesting – its known how I like a remix so both of these were enjoyable. As a debut release this offers a lot of promise and I’m going to find out more about the band and report back – so watch this space. For now enjoy at:

Now you’ve been warmed up I’m going to test you with an artist whose song isn’t quite out yet but I had to share my thoughts with you now.

Uncle Kid is just about to release his debut single Supermarket Sweep on the 13th November. When I was contacted by UK and asked if I wanted to listen to a spoken word, trip hop song about the anxiety of living through the pandemic I obviously said YEAH!

Its a great debut and again pushing my eardrums into other areas. Think Arab Strap mixed with Massive Attack and you won’t go far wrong. Craig (as he is known to his mum) has a great Scottish accent that’s pleasing to listen to but always make you listen to what he has to say. I was totally engrossed by the song and I have just listened to it loads since last week and it gets better each time, I cant wait to share it as I genuinely think loads of you will love it. Watch my tweets come Friday as I’m going to be pushing it out to you all.

Finally another recommendation to me from @pillarartists on Twitter is North East band Fossway who are a trio peddling some Alt-Rock with influences ranging from Muse and Rush. The song Live in the Fire is very much Radiohead having a fight with Muse and is all the better for it. I actually really like the Rush feel to it (I’m old skool) and its very Prog Rock in place as you’d expect from the influences mentioned, but clearly the band are accomplished musicians that are getting a lot of press around the NE at present and I can see why.

Check them out –

So there you have it – a bit of a look outside of our comfort zones – doesn’t it feel good. Again proving to me that the UK music scene is thriving at the moment and if you look for it – what you want to hear is out there but also music that you should hear is waiting to be discovered as well.

As always please take the time to Listen, Share, Buy, Repeat.



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