The Rebirth Of Cool Hot List 5 – WFH Tunes.

Another week gone and the first where I had to WFH in a long while.

However that does have it’s benefits – yep I get to listen to loads more music. And that’s lucky because this week has been a stonker and I have been inundated with great songs from all genres. So despite sitting in my PJ’s and not shaving I have been quite productive – so here we go again….

What’s new and exciting in my world.

So a quick shout out to my 1000th follower on Twitster and winner of this very special and sought after accolade is Felix and The Sunsets. I will be listening and writing more about them shortly but I thought I’d put them all on your radar now. They are a band inspired by the best of the 60’s and 70’s – riffs, harmonies, a bit of psych and a bit of punk. Very interesting, but I’m still hoping that a Mongolian Rave Band is my 2000th follower – maybe I should form one? Anyway give Felix and The Sunsets a listen here:

The Superlatives are another new band to me and despite being around for a few years, this is the first time I have heard them and their new song Sonder is great. Hailing from Leeds, this powerful 3 piece hark back to classic indie rock – great production, sing a-long songs and very powerful sound. Isn’t it amazing how a 3 piece band really kick arse. Well worth a listen that’s for sure.

Another new band to me that I enjoyed this week are The Drift and Going Up – a debut release none the less and very accomplished it is – got some old skool rock rifts going on – got a nice groove and shows some promise. Good work lads.

At the other end of the spectrum and something I have already raved about is the debut release from a Scottish Due – Gefahrgeist (its German!) and the excellent dream jazzy laid back pop of Graceless. I immediately thought of the classic Acid House Chill Out band One Dove led by the excellent Dot Allison. My 3rd Dad (I’ll share who number 2 is, if asked) Colin Forsyth hit the nail on the head and compared the voice to Annie Lennox. He’s not wrong – its a great song and holds promise for more to come.

Finally today and a great song I stumbled upon by chance is HI Sienna, and a song called Car. How do I describe this? – well I guess it’s a bit Madchester sounding – it’s got a guitar loop that I swear is John Squire at his finest – it gets in your head and stays there. Also has a 808 style beat behind it and great female vocals. It’s already lit a few fires – especially Ady of A to Z of Indie Fame so its gotta be good right.

And that’s that for now – have I done anything else this week………..

Oh yeah almost forgot NOT – I finally launched a You-Tube Channel – Snappily titled Rebirth of Cool TV – I know its genius right. I’m hoping this is the next step to help and promote bands to the max. I’ve already had some content and more to follow – so get in touch if you want to be part of the revolution as its going to be televised.

So continue to check out the bands – they are on my playlist of course but most importantly remember.






Be Kind and thanks



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