Love and Chemicals – Teenage Waitress – Album review

When I first wrote about TW back in August it was off the back of hearing the awesome Leaving Berlin single – it was/is different to anything I was listening to at the time. It was hard to pigeonhole, it reminded me of so many other artists music but without actually being able to name them. I loved it from the off and still do.

So as it turns out Mr Teenage Waitress is a one man music machine – Dan is the man in question and this music is all of his making, with friends and musicians helping him make the music come to life.

I was excited to know a whole album was on the way so purchased immediately and had to wait until my unreliable postman (The Mariners know) delivered the goods so I could review.

So did TW decide to play it safe? Did he just go for the obvious popular sounds of today, issue an album of radio friendly meat n potato pop? Or did he create something that is completely unique and fill an album full of sounds that range from The Beach Boys, Ennio Morricone, ELO, Tame Impala, The Specials and 1000’s of others – poured into a musical blender and served out for our enjoyment?

Well of course he did the latter and I’m happy to say its ASTONISHING (dramatic effect).

From the off, it sets the tempo of what to expect – after a short introduction of High in someone else’s time, with it’s Beach Boys harmonies, it also includes the Morricone type sounds mentioned. The first full song The Mess you made me make, is a full on pop stomper akin to The Specials Ghost Town with it’s ghostly (sic) organ sound but that’s when the comparison ends as it finds its own way and the album has lift off.

Hot on the heels are the two singles, I’m Leaving Berlin, which I have mentioned and the equally as catchy You ain’t got it bad – with its synth sounds and sparse drums is brought to life by the time the chorus hits – You ain’t got it bad – I think I have actually – I’m pretty obsessed by it all.

Now I don’t want you thinking this is the kind of album that is just too weird to get into, as it couldn’t be further from the truth, every song is warm and comforting, its gentle on the ears and you can drift off to its brilliant melodies, its full of potential big hits as well.

I don’t like this party (we all been there right) is a song that Paul McCartney may of written in the mid 70’s – think along the lines of Coming Up and your getting there. If there is any justice, this would be a Top 10 single easily.

Maniac is the kind of song that our favourite nutcase Franco Begbie would even dance along to. Just as well really because Mr TW has a fan already from everyone’s new Indie Champion Bobby Carlyle. Maniac is the kind of song Blur would of written around their high Parklife era. Its better then that though.

There is so much else I could write about this album, but I want you to explore, try it and get as much from it as I am.

Additionally I’m still struggling to find a comparison to any artist that’s being as brave with their music in the current market – Tame Impala yeah?, Beck maybe?, Weller/NG possible. In fact I can only think of Super Furry Animals and The Coral that have tried to expand their own sound and the listeners own mindsets with anywhere near as much success. But not on a Debut album.

The albums closer Sweetie is a Bowie type song from before he got well known – its a life on mars type lament that builds into a total explosion of guitar sounds before retreating back to something that sounds like the best of ELO. Its a triumph.

In this day an age when it’s hard for any artist to be heard and be played on mainstream radio must make musicians make decisions and take routes that they dislike. However I like to think that TW has basically said – I might only have one chance at this regardless of what I put out, so I’m going for it big style, make the music I want to make and if you like it then mores the better, because I believe you will. Well Daniel if you did say that, you were right because I do, I really really do and soon lots more will or I’m sending Begbie round.

The link to the spotify album is here but to be honest just buy the vinyl because its beautiful.

Thanks for taking the time to read – I hope you enjoyed it.

Remember though

Listen, Share, Buy, Repeat.

You can be the avalanche

Peace, Love & Chemicals


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