Joe Astley – Television Fantasy – Pre-release Review

So, what makes a pop star nowadays?

The looks, the style, the voice, the songs.

Same as it ever was, I guess.

But it doesn’t have to be prefabricated, created on a reality show, groomed, and polished and the soul sucked out of it.

It can be cool, and real, relatable but still be all the above.

Joe is that kind of popstar, the one you like, the one you want to win.

And he’s going to win, having already released a number of great songs including the Anthem of the year, he’s about to release his new song Television Fantasy and I was privileged to listen to it during and post production.

So, what do I think?

Well as I have come to expect, Joe is going for it – he’s made another great song that highlights and brings his talents to the fore. His voice and excellent song-writing for the uninitiated is here in all its glory.

Television Fantasy is a social commentary song, with lyrics that touch upon current conspiracy theories and superstitions that have been borne out of this crazy 2020 where we have all overindulged in TV news and let our minds over think the current COVID-19 crisis.

“Superstition is my religion, conspiracy is my game”

“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” sings Joe as the chorus kicks in. “Television Fantasy is all you know for certain”

It’s the song we all need currently. Its catchy, it’s got a great production, Joe backed up by the excellent Wallgate Band – They are like a Wigan Bruce Springsteen and E Street Band which is about as high an accolade you would want.

I have no doubt that this song will raise Joe’s profile even more and for certain bring his music to many more ears, if the great Robert Carlyle thinks so, then he can’t be doing much wrong.

Joes ending the year on a high – but starting the new one with a sense of purpose and focus that will see him right.

Make sure you get your copy and lets give the charts something they are lacking.




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