Album Review – Sunstack Jones – Golden Repair

Liverpudlian Sunstack Jones are new to me this year, but they have been around for a few years and this is their 4th album to date.

Recorded live with ex The Verve man Simon Jones at the desk and produced by Paul Den Heyer, the chaps asked me to take a listen and review for them.

Luckily for me I wasn’t completely oblivious to their music and actually had been listening to one of the tracks off this album, How it all went down without delving deeper (I’m double busy).

The album kicks off with Where you gonna go which is comes on like a lost Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young track and ends with a Verve/McCabe type wig out to ease you in gently – its very cool.

The album itself could indeed be classed as chilled, cooled and laid back – its very much in that Californian early 70’s vibe akin to CSNY, The Flying Burrito Brothers and even The Eagles – however its interspersed with classic British Psychedelia and the aforementioned Verve, echoing the debut album and A Storm in Heaven era. I also hear a bit of the great Beta Band as well. So already you should get a taste of what to expect.

Its a real drift off and enjoy album – perfect for me right now – chilling after Xmas, full of too much of everything. I’m sure it would work just as well in summery times, blissed out times on holiday somewhere hot or long walks through the English countryside.

Songs like Glass Boat and Wintersong melt over you like the best chocolate – harmonies and whispered vocals – this is an album that would appeal to many especially new Shoegazers, Americana fans and old skool stoners.

The fact this is recorded live really works – it shows a band that after being together a while, are confident in their craft and have a trust that should carry them further – it also gives you a great idea of what they will be like at a gig (dreams) as well. I especially like the final track Almost Hear the City which rocks out in a kind of Ride way .

Its an accomplished album with the production from the two mentioned before enhancing the sound without over doing it. I’m going to listen to their other stuff as well now but for now you should read this, listen, share, buy and repeat.

Go and check it out – here:



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