New Artists – New Albums – For Your Consideration

A couple of new artists to me that are about to release new albums. So what did I think? Read below.

Joe Adhemar – Found Ourselves

This is Joe’s 3rd album and recorded by himself during lockdown where he sings and plays all instruments.

It starts of with the melodic and uplifting Be My Coastguard – its like an early Verve track sung by Peter Gabriel whose vocals Joe sounds like the most. Its an assured start, underpinned with a great beat and piano outro.

The overall feel of the album is quite chilled and pleasant to the ears, the songs take you on a trip – which is just as well as the second song is called The Trip.

Parts of the album remind me heavily of the last 2 releases by David Bowie – Found Ourselves is akin to Where are we now from DB and is an accomplished effort. Other songs like Your Phone Does Not Love You are more synth based and maybe echo the works of Talk Talk, but are almost trip hoppy in its approach.

Joe is a very talented musician and seems to know what style suits his voice and how he wants to sound – to be honest I can see him reaching a wider audience for those into prog rock artists or just want something to get lost in. As I sit and listen whilst typing and staring out of the window (I touch type fans) it all seems to work and Faded Grace is a great song with horn sounds and piano drifting you along. It’s reminiscent of early Neil Young as well. But also of contemporary bands like Moonlight Parade.

If your looking for more then just rocking guitars and shouting blokes then this is worth checking out.

Nice one Joe.

For fans of Peter Gabriel, Bowie, Neil Young, Moonlight parade, Prog.

The Album is released on the 6th Of February so please make the effort to listen/share.

Bobhowla – Everything’s Wrong, But it’s alright

So it seems that not a day goes past when another great band/Singers or new songs appear from Liverpool – rich in talent we all know that but after a few quiet years the city is back and they mean business.

Bobhowla are another new band to cross my path – great name by the way – no idea what it means. So how do they compare to other Mersey favourites?

This is their debut album and led by the main singer and songwriter Howard Doupe they are set to release 11 tracks for your pleasure.

The album kicks off with gusto with Fear of the same and then we are straight into current single Million $ Man – a superbly catchy song with its chorus about being a Million $ Man but offering hope to someone and not leaving them – “Grab my Hand” is the repeated outro and offers some positivity in these troubled times.

The album sound is the type you’d expect – it would sit easily within your record collection between the likes of Cast, Shack, The Real People etc. Every track is accessible and shows off the bands prowess musically.

Its an album that they boldly claim serves to soundtrack out daily challenges we all face since the start of the pandemic. To be fair it does a good job of it – and with an excellent production by Rod Jones (Idlewild) it allows the songs to be lifted from I expect their acoustic beginnings into something greater.

My favourite track is Music Keeps Calling which is a very up tempo song which would work very well in a live environment to get the crowd going. The chorus of course is based around the title and certainly it does keep calling.

Again similar to Joe’s album – its something that should be enjoyed as a whole – to lose yourself in and enjoy. Tracks like 1963 with its excellent brush drumming and piano are really quite lovely.

So Bobhowla don’t let the side down on this release and keep the quality high throughout.

For fans of Mick Head/Shack, The Real People, John Power and loads of other scouse musicians.

The album is released on 5th February – so again make sure you go and find it and give it a listen.

I’d love to have your feedback on what your think about these albums and I’m sure the artists would too – so please make the effort as being listened too is something that keeps musicians going during these times.




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