Hot Track of The Week – The Shed Project – Feel My Love

Every new music scene always has a few bands that totally represent the fans, the masses, the community that supports them.

They defy the snobbish music industry and their packaged and carefully marketed acts. They aren’t forced on us. They are chosen by US. Bands like The Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, Oasis all chosen to represent us up there on the big stage, to give us a voice – the music industry can’t work this out and they never will.

Right now there are a number of bands like this – getting somewhere quick because they have locked into the psyche of the music fans that have been crying out for new heroes, new grooves, something to have as their own – The Shed Project are one such band.

If 2020 can be looked back upon with any kind of fondness it’ll be because of the creativity of musicians that locked themselves away and came up with the goods during this period.

Well if your gunna lock yourself away then what better place to do it then a shed and if your gunna name your band, then why not call it the The Shed Project. What a great story this is – a group of hard working middle aged men that decided they wanted to give this band thing a go and try to match the achievements of their musical heroes.

So what of this new single, well after consistently improving on their previous efforts and putting out out some great songs like One Shot, Lucky Number and the heartfelt Bedtime, the new song Feel My Love is set to take them through the shed roof and right into the mainstream.

It’s a song written through the eyes of lead Shed Roy’s eyes of Reni leaving the Roses in 1995…but to be honest its just a good old fashioned love song about love and lost and not finding the words to explain why.

Starting off on the downlow it highlights Roy’s excellent near falsetto vocals underpinned by a piano that flows throughout the track, Roy sings – “why do we do the things that we do”, “why do you wanna to hurt me so”.”Coz I love you so” it builds and builds to the chorus of “feel my love”…. and then…

It explodes with a Resurrection drumbeat and Smithsesque guitars as it takes us on a beautiful ride….the piano building along with the track until it reaches its crescendo. “Feel My Love Like a Hand in Glove” it continues before the song ends in a euphoric manner.

It’s one of those songs that begs to be played live and sung back by the waiting fans which are growing daily. It will go down as a pivotal tack of this new dawn of guitar music and puts a marker down of how serious The Shed Project should be taken.

Its being accompanied by an excellent video that shows the band off to everyone – giving faces and a voice to these lads – you just can’t help yourself but will them to win, succeed and break through. Not just for them but for all of us.

Feel my Love is released on the 26th February from all main streaming sites along with all their previous singles and they can be heard being played on the number of Indie Radio Stations that have also popped up during lockdown to support this new movement.

So don’t lose your head become part of The Shed.

Let me know what you think – please again listen, share, buy and repeat.

Be Kind

And Feel My Love



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