Album Review – Lyon Tide – Beginnings of Ends

Lyon Tide are a new band hailing from the West Midlands – The threesome met at art class whilst at college.

Comparing themselves to the likes of Snow Patrol, Massive Attack and New Order they have released a couple of singles Blind and Closure and Beginnings of an Ends is their debut album.

The album kicks of with the slow build and soundscapes of Closure – this was the track that got me interested in them – its part dream pop and part shoegaze but with orchestral synth sounds – it builds and builds and as album openers go it’s a great way to start.

The next two tracks Hero and Believe me I’m a liar are up-tempo affairs showing the groups knack of catchy melodies and hooks – Believe me I’m a liar should probably be a single – its reminiscent of New Order with its guitar and bass sounds with vocal harmonies to the fore akin to Ride.

As the album continues – your struck with how well produced the album is with a sound that whilst not entirely new, sounds fresh and different to a lot of current indie pop around at present.

Guitars are used but synths and beats also, which combine to give a great wall of sound approach with dream pop qualities.

Welcome to the other side is an excellent example of this formula with its catchy keyboard riff and almost menacing vocals and lyrics. Its very much like a great Mansun song.

The mid-section of the album is where the song writing comes together with the 3 songs, Butterfly, Gold and Blind.

As I listen to these songs, I’m reminded of the great band Talk Talk, who also created sonic soundscapes and ethereal timeless tunes to get lost in.  Butterfly is a beautiful song which also recalls another band Moonlight Parade whom Lyon Tide share a lot of DNA, with almost fragile vocals at times.

Lyrically the album is maybe down beat but with hope – on Gold they sing about not finding gold at the end of the rainbow – its certainly not about downing pints and being all rock n roll – which to these ears is a nice relief. 

Blind is more of an early New Order song with its keyboard and beats and Barneyesque vocals, it then transforms into many other 80’s songs that you just can’t pinpoint.  It’s exceptionally good.

The final 3 songs continue the theme and as albums go it’s very coherent and well put together.  Science is a rockier track and almost robotic in its sounding – the band I suspect experimenting more with their sound.

They end the album with the 6 min plus Someone – with its piano intro it is as you suspect an anthemic build and crescendo to the album.  It explodes at around the 2 min mark as the guitars kick in and are brought to the fore – again its reminiscent of great Shoegaze bands like Ride or Slowdive.

It’s a fitting way to round off an accomplished and daring album which should appeal to many over the next few months.

Nice work lads.

For fans of Shoegaze/Dream Pop, Talk Talk, Ride, Moonlight Parade, New Order.

The album was released on the 16th April 2021

Check it out here.

Please have a listen, share your thoughts and if you can buy please do.




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