Live Review – The Capollos – Guest Reviewer – Kimbo

This is our City, This is our Town πŸŒΉ

I remember that beautiful feeling when bands started accouncing gigs again and having seen The Capollos live before, I know how good it gets so there wasn’t a second thought from me about purchasing tickets for a hometown show at Drummonds.

Tonight the time had come, fresh off a sold out show here last night and previous weekend spent in Manchester, Liverpool and Sunderland,  they greeted their mini twitter crew ( Laura H  Cathers and I) and were grinning from ear to ear with tales of their tour and the fact people outwith Aberdeen had been singing their songs back to them.. 

Before they electrified the stage they had two local bands to kick things off Hitlist and White Lines, both new to me. Unfortunately due to illness the full Hitlist crew weren’t able to perform however Callum Chalmers took one for the team and played an acoustic set on behalf of his band, he said ” I’m a little nervous but I’ll be fine” more than fine he was as he belted out some classics including Freed from Desire and channeled his inner Ashcroft with Sonnet,  his confidence with the crowd grew and he was spitting rhymes before long and showcasing his guitar skills and then had us all in the familiar chorus of Made of Stone, he reminded us that we would hear the name Hitlist soon, (follow them on Instagram ) and  finished up his strong set  with Don’t you Forget About Me ..

White Lines, an alternative Rock band from Aberdeen with a front man whose voice was built for people to get lost in took to the stage , one lad in the crowd before long said to me I’ve never heard a band like this in here and I’m glad I came down early, me too, they sang about 99 problems but their stage presence and sound wasn’t one of them, they were so powerful they snapped guitar strings and had to swap guitars.. pure rock n roll..Wishing Well one of their own tracks was giving me KOL vibes and as their tunes continued they progressed with serious soul and by the time they bashed out Otherside by Red Hot Chilli Peppers they were being sourced on their social media and streaming sites by Laura H next to me as we listened and swayed with the rest of the crowd they had brought with them, recent single Tidal Wave available now and I will definitely see them again…

Now it was 10pm , waited two years for the Capollo lads to be back on home turf on the Drummonds stage and they came bouncing out to A Warriors Dance as their walk on,  their infectious energy had already filled the room with a stomping cheers from the crowd and despite a  ” false start ” due to a technical issue…Kyle took that all in his professional front man stride with a cheeky smile to the crowd and a humourous claim they were just amateurs ,   we had waited this long and one more second wait had us all even more geared up as we held our breath til the sweet sound of his guitar  blasted out the speakers to the opener …What are these Kisses, the roar of the crowd got up and they had well and truly kicked off the nights entertainment with confidence, an on stage chemistry and an instant vibe that this was going to be one hell of a show…

One song in and it was clear to me that they have come energized from their recent tour and sounding tight with their synchronised guitar swag across the stage particulary from Brett who was giving it all the riffs as they belted Get Out and seeing Kyle turning back to look at Greg while he drummed like he was having
the best time back in his hometown flipping the drumsticks and beaming back at the crowd while we chanted Sexy’s evenings like these we have all been holding out for

” How’s it going Drummonds” next up was the 2020 hit Telephone with a nod to Lloyd to kick it off , it was an absolute treat that it was on the set list especially as Laura H  had only just told me before they started that it was her favourite of their tracks and they made it well worth her 8 hours travel time to hear it live , it went down an absolute storm with everyone singing it back.

The familiar sound of Eyes on You   really got the crowd going and one I hadn’t heard before,  Midnight Revelation had a beautiful breakdown  in the middle of it where Kyle chanted out ” I can feel my heart beat”

Drummonds then got into a total bounce when a blinding cover of Teddy Picker was thrown in and at this point we lost Cathers to the crowd as she rocked about with the best of them around in circles

The set continued with an incredible performance of Morning Sun followed by Electrify,  turn it up a notch…they had turned it up full bore by this point..
I’ve followed them for some time but seriously this was the best I’ve seen them , they’ve found their sound and we found ourselves then singing back lyrics to a song they only released the other day fresh for their hometown gig, that’s the beauty of their lyrics, they become ours, it’s the everyday stuff they write about,  it’s Lloyd and his chorus of  woo oooh ooh ooh oohs, the melodies and energy and they well and truly made sure they were going to leave us all Too High to Sleep..

Addiction was pure fire from the lads
, the smiles could not be wiped from their faces and it was the greatest thing to stand at the front and witness them soak it all up and enjoy every single moment and when my fave Lay Your Love came on I didn’t want it to end but they lapped up the roars of one more tune and gave us two with covers of Cigarettes and Alcohol and Your Not Nineteen Forever to end the night , they thanked everyone and like the lovely lads they are came over to us at the front and handed me a set list and were clearly buzzing from their performance

Kyle had said to the crowd these last two nights we’ve waited so long for this , it was a pleasure to see them enjoying it and was so nice of them to spend time with us before and after their set and thank us for all the twitter music crew support.. I headed home with their sweet sound ringing in my ears and you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face either. The Capollo boys are well and truly back in town

Kimbo xΒ 

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