My Albums of the Year 2021

Below are snippets and links to the albums that I reviewed in 2021 – they are in no particular order and I haven’t ranked them as there are all worthy and interesting which is why I reviewed them in the first place.

Please take some time to revisit or read for the first time and of course check out the artist and music on the various sites available.

Album Review – Hardwicke Circus – The Borderland


What if after I had told you 18 months ago that when I set up this blog to write about cool music, cool people and cool things that I would be reviewing an album that at times reminded this writer of New Model Army, Crusty Rockers The Levellers you would of raised an eye brow …Continue reading

The Shop Window – The State of Being Human


Jangle pop what a great word that is – the euphoric sound of layered guitars and vocals coming together to create a sound that harks back to a bygone age when Indie was great, and all the cool kids were playing it. But first a history lesson – C86 was an album that many of …Continue reading

What If? Moonlight Parade

At some stage I will have to stop referencing lockdown as almost everything I write about comes from this period of my life.

Its difficult though especially as it was this time that allowed me to get my head in order/fall apart again and listen to more music then I have ever. Oh and write about it – mostly!

A constant during this time has been the music of Moonlight Parade, whilst I am not religious in anyway, I do believe a hell of a lot in fate and what will be, will be. Their music came to me and many others at exactly the right time and lit up my soul and ears in equal measures.

The John Michie Collective – High Vibrations


The JMC are someone that have been on my radar for a while now, just because the name is interesting and echoes such artists as The Spencer Davis Group and of course The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Well this full named artist isn’t a group, it’s just the main man John’s solo recording tag. Anyway John …Continue reading

Tales from the Great Central Line Vol 1 – The Mariners


So, what have you achieved during lockdown?  Have you released yourself on the world at the start of 2020, released 2 albums that you wrote, produced, designed yourself?  Put out numerous interesting video clips of your songs, created great merch and opened your arms to a whole load of people that love what you do?  …Continue reading

Wake up! It’s the Sky Diving Penguins.


2021 has been a funny year for music, certainly in my musical tastes, as a large part of it has been dipped in rich psychedelic chocolate loveliness. Starting the year off with the McCartney type sounds of Teenage Waitress I was then flying high with the full on, out there Lennon meets Floyd Space rock …Continue reading

Apollo Junction – All In


A year is a long time in music – especially if you have been locked down and unable to gig and promote yourself.What if you had just issued your debut album and were starting to make some headway in the choppy indie waters, trying to bring your electro pop fussed bangers to the world? What …Continue reading

Lyon Tide – Beginnings of Ends


Lyon Tide are a new band hailing from the West Midlands – The threesome met at art class whilst at college. Comparing themselves to the likes of Snow Patrol, Massive Attack and New Order they have released a couple of singles Blind and Closure and Beginnings of an Ends is their debut album. The album …Continue reading

The Second Coming…Brits and Pieces II


So, the difficult second album! Always a curse right – how’d you follow up on a genre defining first album? Do you rest on your laurels? Wait 5 years, miss the boat and the impact and then release another one? Or do you waste no time, get right back onto it and go again? Well …Continue reading

Sam Lambeth – He’s a little bit Country he’s a little bit Rock N Roll


Look up positive vibes in any dictionary and I’m sure there will be a picture of Sam Lambeth. Ask anyone on the indie community socials about Sam and they will all say the same – supportive, positive, friendly, hugely talented with songs to match. But what do we know about this one-man music machine – …Continue reading

From Reading with Love – Via Belfast – Album Reviews – The Coronations and Mirror Pictures


So in this disposable life we are living now, does anyone listen to albums anymore? In full? Yeah Tim’s listening party and the like have brought back the interest in the LP and certainly vinyl sales have increased as well, but overall do we sit down and make the effort? Well I do, as I’m …Continue reading

So there you have it a veritable feast of new music thats I hope gives you all an idea of whats going on out there.

I wanted to do more reviews this yeat but time and actually effort beat me a lot – however I hope I did something to help spread the word.

Have a peaceful and loving end to the year and see you in 2022.


Be Kind



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