The Heavy North – Satisfy You – Single Review

Happy New Year!

As the clocks hit 12 and we ushered in 2022, The Heavy North cranked their Marshall Amps upto 11 and blew our “drunken” minds by releasing a new single, Satisfy You from their eagerly awaited debut album Electric Soul Machine.

After pulling off a masterstroke of PR Genius by allowing fans to listen to the album for one day on Xmas Day, they double down by giving us this gift on New Years Day and setting a marker for 2022 that EVERYONE ELSE is going to have to follow.

Satisfy You is the bands most full on rock track they have, all crashing drums and bass from the rhythm section of Mark and “Cool” Andy, backed up by the fantastic keyboard/organ sounds of Dog Dad Ste, up front the Page and Plant of Merseyside – Jose & Kenny.

I had the pleasure of hearing this song at their London gig and it stood out as one that should be a single as it will bring more fans and accolades to this already growing list of achievements.

The song harks back to classic rock bands of the late 60’s/Early 70’s – its part Led Zep, Deep Purple and Free but its no pastiche and is relevant and contemporary. In fact I would compare this to one of my antipodian favourite rock bands Wolfmother – who are also keeping the rock sound alive whilst adding something new.

The production as always is top drawer – the kind of sound that US Rock stations should be falling over themselves to play. Credit must go to Jose on this because he knows how to get the best out of the lads. To be honest I don’t think I’ve heard a new band sound so great, so early on in their history – whilst I’m sure they will release a “Kashmir” song at some stage – right now every member of the band is at the top of their game.

Its been said before that 2022 is going to be a BIG year for The Heavy North and I have no doubts that it will be – they may sing that they are not here to satisfy you, but they are and they do, and some.

Flying V’s for Victory.

Satisfy You is available now:

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