The Heavy North – Electric Soul Machine – Album Review

There is a moment at the end of the first song on the album – The Genie a huge Black Sabbath type riff opening salvo, when the trumpet kicks in when you say your first WOW!…it’s the first of many.

Liverpool’s The Heavy North have been playing their rock n roll n soul n blues for a few years now and first came to me and many others about 2 years ago….when I first heard them it was the first WOW moment.  Like I said it happens a lot.

Here we are then, the most anticipated debut album in a long time, and its vinyly here in its gatefold glory. Resplendent in red n black imagery.  It’s a piece of history right here, right now.

The album itself is chocked full of their recent releases, the rocking Darkness in your eyes, Satisfy You which was the first new tune of 2022, the sublime Awake and the magnificent No Good….all showing off the talents of the fab 5 who are now 6.

New songs are well placed throughout the track listing, She gets me higher, Better Change and Falling down on you are no album fillers, they stand shoulder to shoulder with the best the band have done.

Obviously the album will get it’s plaudits for the quality of Kenny’s amazing voice (and of course rightfully so), plus Jose’s rocking guitar riffs n production but it’s the rest of the band that are also shining on the album.  The drumming is phenomenal and Mark (the quiet drummer) has done an amazing job bridging the gap between rock n soul effortlessly.  He’s backed up by the coolest bass player since Hooky or Mani in Andy.  A rhythm section to die for, rounding out the sound and giving the songs it’s groove.  Add onto that the keyboard wizard Ste, who rekindles the great Rob Collins from The Charlatans, he’s like the glue that holds them altogether. The backing vocals alone are like a gospel choir at times and its hard to believe it’s the lads themselves. WOW!

Two of the final tracks are probably the best end to an album since The Stone Roses put out their genre defining debut. Electric Soul Machine might just do the same.

To the wind I go is an astonishing blues harmonica track that hits you in the feels everytime, a modern rock classic.

If that wasn’t enough they end the album by out Staxing Stax with the soul drenched As long as you’re here with me. This was my first WOW song and it is still probably my favourite. I know bands that would bite your hand off to write something this good.

As debuts go it’s up there with the best I have ever heard and it will make people sit up and say Wow!

Everything about this band and the music they make, makes me and a lot of others happy and smile a lot. They are special, probably a once in a lifetime band and just what the world needs right NOW!

So what are you waiting for. The past was yours the futures theirs.

Electric Soul Machine is available to buy from the bands website here:

Let me know your thoughts

Peace N Love



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