The Shed Project – The Curious Mind Of A Common Man – Album Review

Was it Noel Gallagher that wrote on Fade Away.

While we’re living
The dreams we have as children fade away.

I’ve always felt the poignancy of this lyric especially as I got older and felt at times that my dreams had indeed gone forever.

Well sometimes they don’t, sometimes if you’re (mostly) 5 middle aged blokes from Bolton (excuse Oli), with some hope, some serious talent and hardwork you can cash in your dream ticket and release an album all on your own, written by, played by, produced by and sold by The Shed Project. Why? Well because you’ve only got One Shot to live your life and that for me is more poignant then anything that Noel G could ever say.

TCMOACM is the debut album from The Shed Project which has been released within 2 years of forming, where they have gone from unknowns to a great hope of the Indie scene, making many many friends along the way with their charm n wit n killer tunes, right out of Bolton’s best banger wardrobe.

As debuts go it really is something that would happily sit in between your favourite albums by the Mondays, Roses and other Madchester greats, but it’s more than that. Yes it’s filled with love and hope but as I’ve written before it portrays a social conscience not readily seen in your usual indie songs and lyrics, it gives the album depth and soul. The band are almost soundtracking life in the UK today and for that alone they deserve great credit.

Kicking the album off is the politically charged Modern Way a great opener with politically charged lyrics about how the Government doesn’t give a fuck about you. They are right.

After this we are straight into two previous singles the psychedelic A day in the dam about singer Roy’s Amsterdam experiences, quickly followed by, for me, one of the great songs of the last 20 years. My Life is an epic song about growing up in the North West. Like I said before if Alex Turner wrote it, they would lord it as good as A Certain Romance. It’s that good.

Two new tracks follow. Temptation and Sal – Temptation is a bass heavy tune with echoes of Hooky with a cautionary tale of drink and drugs, at the moment its my favourite of the new tunes (just). Sal is a heartfelt ballad, written about Roy’s wife Sal – its a beautiful and tender song that has echoes of the RHCP Under the Bridge with some fine John Frusciante type guitars bringing it to the fore. I’m sure Sal is very proud of this one.

What has always impressed me about TSP is the fact they are prepared to learn on the job and get better and better with each release, so much so that they have revisited earlier songs like Lucky Number, Livin and One Shot and given them a new lease of life – beefier and better for it – Lucky Number has now risen to a Jangletastic Smiths type banger that would fit into any indie playlist of the last 30 years. Livin and One Shot continue the vibe of the whole album and making sure you enjoy yourself but also with a thought that too much excess can be too much.

Don’t wait for no one is another of the new songs and when I first heard this I genuinely thought it was a lost Guns n Roses song from the Appetite for Destruction era, it rocks basically and I’m sure will be a live favourite for years to come. I must add that Slash was from Stoke, so the comparisons are not that far apart.

Bedtime and Feel My Love are also included and this was where my ears were originally pricked. Just great songwriting and lyrics, Bedtime should be played live with a full orchestra behind it to show of its class and Feel My Love should I hope make The Stone Roses reform for The Third Coming.

The album ends as it began with a ripper, the recently released single Friend – this is the full 5 min plus version which shows us the full power of the band – its up there with Beggin You by the Roses for punch.

As debut albums go this is a dyed in the wool Northern Indie banger of an album – its clearly influenced by the greats of the genre, but again has its own confidence and attitude to be its own thing. Lyrically and musically it punches way above itself and I am sure it will take the boys to the next level that they so deserve.

So remember the next time you doubt yourself, that bands like The Shed Project are here for you, and encouraging you to believe in your dreams. They are the peoples band.

One shot, one goal, peace!

Please visit the link to purchase a copy of the album:

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