The Hot List – Spring vibes in da area!

Just like lambs n chicks n easter eggs! Spring is a busy time for new releases, where artists get their new work out to the masses before engaging on tours and festivals during the Summer months.

This Spring in no different and whilst gigs start to be confirmed and some festivals get the go ahead, music continues to be released at pace with some real quality coming through again.

Below is just a snap shot of some of the tunes I’ve been listening to that deserve to be heard and either have been released or just about to.

The Shed Project featuring MC Tunes – One Shot Remix

The ever reliable Shed Lads are back with a banging remix of one of their earlier tunes, this time helped by the legendary Madchester rapper MC Tunes. What they have done with One Shot is turn it into a Madchester Blaxploitation tune with the streets of New York being replaced by the streets of Bolton.

Almost unrecognisable from the original tune, it stands on its own as a new track – mesmeric guitar loops and drums rekindle the best work of Brendan Lynch/Lynch Mob Productions on Paul Wellers early solo work with especially Kosmos coming to mind. Its funky and fun and with added Rap by MC Tunes, it gives it an extra edge and links the band even more with their favourite bands of the 90s era. I’m sure it will go down a treat being banged out of soon to be reopened clubs and is also supported by a great Usual Suspects type Video. Top, Nice One, Banging as they say.

One Shot Remix is released on the 23rd April but you can listen to the original version here:

Milo Gore – Midnight Club

Milo is BACK – the talented singer/songwriter and all round nice guy returns with his most accessible pop soul tune so far. Catchy as Covid pre jabs, this is a song about wanting to go back to the club and go dancing with a new love. Milo’s voice again sucks you and I hope this is the track that will see him being heard by the mainstream, as talent like his shouldnt be a best kept secret – although to be honest I like the fact for now he’s in the “if you know you know” bracket which is always a cool place to be. Take me back to the midnight club soon. Indeed.

The song is out now – so check it out here:

PG Ciarletta – Let Go

PG or Phil as he is known to his parents is now upto his 3rd official release and the butter wouldnt melt foul mouthed Fifester continues the fine work laid down with previous songs The Sesh (anthem) and Chancer (we all know one).

Let Go is another acoustic based song with PG’s fine Scottish vocals to the fore – he’s a story teller alright and sings about what he knows and sees around him. PG has a canny knack for melody and your singing this by the time the chorus kicks in.

I can see big things happening for PG (thats my Tip) – he’s a fun bloke and very engaging, he also releases a radio friendly of the song which is a lot shorter then the original (I would guess). Gerry Cinnamon who?

Let Go is out now on various streaming sites but you can check it out here:

George Rowlands – Lovesick Fool

New to me – I don’t know much about George as his Spotify profile is blank (tsk tsk) – Paula C won’t be happy either.

Luckily this song is well worth listening too – Georges voice is very Liam Gallagher/Beady Eye era sounding – less bombastic to Oasis Era – its menacing and the song is built upon a great groove and crashing cymbals.

Its catchy and as Parka Monkey songs go – this is very much above average – one to watch. George make sure you get your profile done or its lines for you (not white lines).

Its out now and you can listen to it here:

Last one for this piece is:

Lines of Flight – Moth Eaten Heart

A new duo on the block – the follow up to the equally intoxicating Birthing Bell, Moth Eaten Heart with its electronica dream pop sounds brings back the mid 90s feel of Dubstar and St Etienne and the electronic sounds of peak 80’s pop tunes.

The fact that the duowere strangers when they met on line during lockdown and recorded 10 tracks remotely is testament to the talent of both and their music has already gained many followers and supporters as well as numerous plays on the indie radio stations that have popped up (and my show).

Its feel good summer sounds will see them go far.

Moth Eaten Heart is available here:

Thats your lot for now – please take the time to check them all out, listen, share, buy and repeat where you can.

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