We can be the avalanche!


So where next? - I was quite sad yesterday - its been another emotional week - I don't take death well - who does I guess - but it seems the end of things whilst inevitable is really having a go this year. Recent weeks we've lost an incredibly talented soul singer in Denise Johnson, … Continue reading We can be the avalanche!

My Love For – World Of Twist

I've probably been in love with WOT for about 30 years now - it's an unrequented love but its a love nonetheless. It all started back in 1990 - Madchester was at its peak and us indie kids latched onto anything from Manchester looking for the next big thing. Gary Crowley I think first played … Continue reading My Love For – World Of Twist

My Obsession…. Adidas Trainers – Scott Macintyre

As detailed in previous blogs, I want to bring to your attention stuff that I think is cool and highlight individuals that are such. One of my favourite people to follow is an avid Adidas trainer collector. I love his photos and posts of his trainer collection - we all love Adidas don't we! - … Continue reading My Obsession…. Adidas Trainers – Scott Macintyre