Flowered Up – A 30-Year Weekender

This article first appeared in issue 3 of the excellent Speakeasy Fanzine that I recommend you all subscribe to. Baggy – A term that for a while made music fans snigger – wasn’t it all a bit naff – all that funky drummer beats, wah-wah guitars, baggy clothing (natch) and the drugs – Oh it’s … Continue reading Flowered Up – A 30-Year Weekender


My Obsession…. Adidas Trainers – Scott Macintyre

As detailed in previous blogs, I want to bring to your attention stuff that I think is cool and highlight individuals that are such. One of my favourite people to follow is an avid Adidas trainer collector. I love his photos and posts of his trainer collection - we all love Adidas don't we! - … Continue reading My Obsession…. Adidas Trainers – Scott Macintyre