The Sweating Buckets Hot List

As I sit here in a room that basically is like sitting inside a sauna but luckily with no naked German bloke sitting too close to me, I’m playing a bunch of songs that just seem ideal for this time of year!

Well what are they then Mr Rebirth? Let us know whats tickling your betty swollocks?

OK seeing as you asked so nicely – lets kick it all off by getting mashed up in the ‘Dam.

The Shed Project – A Day In the Dam – Released 23rd July 2021

It could be said that I am partial to a bit of T’Sheds and you know what I am – I’m a fully paid up member of the Shed Heads and I make no excuse for it.

The song itself is again something different from the Bolton Lads, its a jangle pop tune which is no surprise about a day in Amsterdam with Roy. Recalling the sounds and vocals of early Some Friendly Era Charlatans, Roy is very much in his element as he recalls his adventures in trying out the many interesting coffee shops the city has to offer. The lyrics should also be applauded for getting in words such as mooching and jibbing which clearly need to be in many more pop songs. The tune changes pace and style about 2/3rds in as it turns into a hazy psych wig out as the “coffee” hits and spirals Roy through another day.

All in all its another top tune to add to their already impressive catalogue of tunes and shows that these guys are the real deal and far from being one shot trick ponies. Make sure you check it out come Friday. Please also note that the song is dedicated to a dear friend of Roy’s Michael Rex Henighan, who passed away recently. Sending my thoughts and condolences to his family.

Dean Dovey – Borrowed Time – Out Now

If The Shed’s are part of the new Madchester movement then Dean is staking a claim for being the next Richard Ashcroft. With this new song release, Dean has managed to out Ashcroft, Ashcroft and goes for it big time. Huge orchestral sounds from the start before the guitar and drums kick in and Dean’s excellent vocals rip into the tune. Its very much like a film score and even recalls the classic Bjork/David Arnold song Play Dead which is no mean feat. Dean has a canny knack for writing big bombastic tunes and this I think is his best yet. Living on Borrowed Time sings Dean as the song grooves along. Despite the comparisons with RA, its clearly Dean in control of this song and he never delves into pastiche or copycatting. Its a belter!

Reba – Don’t wanna go – Out Now

Known to me for her pop bangers akin to Sophie E-Bextor – Reba turns on the mood and brings us an acoustic ballad that shows off her own talents as a songwriter and singer. Her voice sounds strong and easy on the ear – for people my age it brings back thoughts of All About Eve and the excellent Julianne Regan. Reba sings about not wanting to go now and asking how she can fix this, so I would guess it is about a relationship or something similar thats gone pete. Its underpinned by some excellent guitar work which really gets into your head. If you like singers such as Jen Dixon and Jess Kemp (to name just 2) you will love this and rightly so.

Jackson Lucitt – More Than Thieves – Out Now

How do you follow an impressive debut Text Back Blues, which for me is one of the songs of the year and quite rightly loved and played by many! Well it seems that Jackson has no problems in doing so and has released another brilliant song that is as worthy as the first.

Its got a feel of late 50’s Rock N Roll or Surf music but played by The Libertines, it bounces along at a great pace and shows JL has a gift for catchy hooks n tunes. He’s singing about growing up in Wales I would guess and the blokes that hang around where he is from.

Jackson is a really likeable singer – he’s got a cracking voice that does sound almost out of place in today’s over produced pop world but thats what makes him stand out – similar to Joe Astley they are rekindling the kind of great rock n roll music that made Elvis or Eddie Cochran so great or in JL case Sir Tom Jones. Top work fella.

The Debris – Tomorrow Never Comes Today – Out Now

The London Punk Rockers are back with 1 min 43 seconds of feedback and growling vocals – its a good old smack in the face tune which shows there is a lot more to come from these lads. Its like a stop gap single similar to what Blur did with Popscene. I like them more then Blur. Now go and do some more lads!

La Club Royale – Vibes – Calypso Jet Remix – Out Now

Final tune for this blog and I’m going out with a proper Summer dance banger.

I love it when a track that is already good, gets a brilliant remix and takes it up another level. The original Vibes tune is awesome in a kinda groovy laid back way. However Calypso Jet have upped the BPM’s and put a stonking dance beat behind it and its ideal for the returning clubbers and ravers to get into. You got those vibes. Damn right, part Stardust, part Chemical Brothers it is guaranteed to fill many a sweaty bucket! ‘Ave it!

And thats your lot for now – I’m now half the weight I was when I started writing, so no bad thing – please have a listen to the tracks above – handily I have put them on a Spotify play list for you apart from The Shed Project coz its not out yet but I will add it when it is.

Here it is:

Sweating Buckets Hot List

Let me know what you think – if you like the tracks – let the artist know – share the songs and buy where you can.

Now go an get yourself an ice lolly – you deserve it.

Stay Cool!




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