In The Studio With – Citylightz

So our favourite Wolverhampton wonders have been a bit quiet of late, whilst they continue to entertain on socials like all great bands their quest for World Dominance has hit pause somewhat.

However taking the opportunity to get some new tunes down – they recently decamped to one of the most legendary studio’s in the UK – Rockfield – known for recording such great albums by Oasis, The Charlatans etc etc.

So I lept at the chance to interview guitarist and co-singer Luke of Citylightz to find out all that went down. Enjoy….

How did the idea come about to record at Rockfield Studios?  Has it always been something you wanted to do?

We’d done Abbey Road Studios a couple of times and we wanted to go somewhere else special for the 3rd EP and Rockfield just stood out as many of our heroes and favourite albums were recorded there.

When did you go and how long were you there for?

We went in December just before Christmas for 3 days. 

Explain what the experience was like for you to record there?  Do you get a sense of the history and all the cool music that has been recorded there?

Absolutely, when you’re in the same room as your heroes, using some of the same gear it just gives you this energy and vibe, you feel unstoppable and that’s what music is all about for us.

How did you prepare before going?  With lockdown has it been hard to rehearse as a band, especially new songs?  

The studios opened back up in August which is when we booked the session, we had no songs or anything but kind of just went for it. We rehearsed one a week leading up and one by one the tunes just kept on coming and they’re great. 2 of them were only 2 weeks old when we took them to Rockfield. 

What songs did you record?

Take Take Take – it’s like a movie sound track very guitary and energetic. 

City the gold – it’s a bit of a football anthem think it will do well and will be a single!

One for the road – it’s a drinking anthem!

My life – the first single, it has so much energy and feel good feel to it. 

Losing my grip – a very dark but musical song with some kick ass guitar 

Describe the sound of the new songs?  What can we expect?

Fast and explosive you know typical Citylightz. 

Now you also invited the incredibly talented Joe Astley to join you, how did that come about and what did he bring to the party/recording?

We’ve always wanted piano on the records and Joe is a great player, we met through the Brits & Pieces album, he came down and did an awesome job. Three of the tracks have piano on them and it sounds epic.

What is your best memory of the sessions?

Loads of it, enjoyed the whole experience but the best point is when you first set up and plug in and everyone jams a song for the first time… that energy is unreal. 

What are your plans with regards to the release of the new music?  When can we get to hear something?

We have a radio debut for My Life this Monday it’ll be on radio for a few weeks and set to release on the streaming services first Friday in March. 

Have you any special performances in mind?  Online?  

We have the live at Rockfield studios session we did while we were there airing on YouTube 5th Feb 8PM it’s really special. 

So, you’ve recorded at Abbey Road and now Rockfield, what other studios are on your bucket list?

I think we will go back to Rockfield again for a session. 

Finally – where can we purchase the new album and when from?

Everything will be available on our website

Thank you Luke – sounds amazing and I know for a fact how much us fans can’t wait to hear these sessions and put Citylightz back in the spotlight for 2021.

Be sure to keep updated with the lads on Twitter, You Tube and other social platforms, but most of all purchase the Vinyl, CD’s and other Merch from their website above.

I’ve said it before but these lads are going places and 2021 could well be their year.

Keep The Faith




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