Ashley Stacey – London Loves


What do you get if you mix bits of Noel Gallagher, Paul Weller, Ray Davies, The Who,The Enemy in a big old blender? You’ll get the talented singer songwriter that is Ashley Stacey. This South London lad has been putting out consistently brilliant songs overthe last 18 months, from his debut album last year "The … Continue reading Ashley Stacey – London Loves


20 Questions with…Greencircles

So my new geordie friends, spared me some time earlier to answer my legendary 20 Questions - here they are: 1.       Who are you? Paul McGill, one quarter of GreenCircles. 2.       Where are you?Newcastle Upon Tyne.  Toon Toon! 3.       What do you do in the band? Write songs, sing sometimes and play guitar.  We have two songwriters in … Continue reading 20 Questions with…Greencircles

20 Questions with…The Mystics

New band on the block - just released their first tune and it caught my ear. Seems like there is a Psych scene going down in Liverpool. Anyway heres 20 Questions for you. 1.       Who are you? I’m Michael Bennett from a band called The Mystics  2.       Where are you?  We’re based in Liverpool  3.       What do you … Continue reading 20 Questions with…The Mystics