All Blue No Tonic

25 years plus....blown away in an instance... The news about singer and front man to The Bluetones, Mark Morriss hit me like a lightning bolt this week, a band I had admired and listened to since their early days, were shot down as the allegations regarding Mark's behaviour came to light and were held up … Continue reading All Blue No Tonic


Geezer Pop – Ruff n Ready! Part 1..

We all like a helps us understand the music we are listening to...whether we should invest our time into it. Is it something you want to be part of? Is it something you would like? Over recent months I've been recommended a lot of music that kinda links's loud and in your face... … Continue reading Geezer Pop – Ruff n Ready! Part 1..

When the Music’s over…play another record.


So as the dust settles from an amazing weekend of music and fundraising I'm left thinking what now? What's next? So despite my own little session being a disaster, the Inyourearsmusic sessions supporting #FBWMusic was a triumph...pulling together the great and good from a burgeoning new music scene from all over the country and into … Continue reading When the Music’s over…play another record.