The Valentines Red Hot Love List

One love we dont need another love – Love is all you need – Love is a four letter word – Love is all around us.

Apart from my family and friends – my main Love is music – playing music, vinyl, cd’s, tapes, listening to as much music as I can – all my life, devouring everything I could get my ears and hands on – day after day, night after night, on and on and on. Love it!

I decided to type this up today and share my love of some new tracks I’ve been spinning – hopefully you will like them and maybe you will love them. So no more Love references (maybe) and on with the show.

The Poppermost – A piece of the poppermost EP – Aping the classic early 60’s Merseybeat sound and rekindling a growing current crop of music makers including The Mariners that are using this era for inspiration – The Poppermost is amazingly a solo act of a one Mr J Kane – a walking talking combination of the Fab 4. The EP is a 4 track (6 on CD) collection of great songs with the super catchy Well I Will and Laziest Fella in the realm leading the way. At a time when we are looking for joy and maybe a nostalgic look back at better times – right now The Poppermost feels just right.

Moving on from this and a song that is already setting itself on the single of the year awards is the new single by Hightown Pirates and the song The Boy in the Doorway. The story of the Pirates is one of the most fascinating and inspiring stories of recent years – a collection of musicians lead by the brutally honest leader Simon Mason who are all recovering addicts – drinks, drunks you name it. They support each other and support many many others to get clean and stay clean. The music is exceptional and The Boy in the Doorway is true tale of Simon’s about people he met during his dark days – if you get a chance to read about it I would suggest you do. The music is triumphant and anthemic in a way that Elbow do it – its working class and gritty – with despair but ultimately hope and love at its core. Please go and listen.

A rock n roll song now – a track that found its way over to me due to my love of The Heavy North – Cult Icon have just released Peach Faith and its a belter – echoes of sound to the Jaded Hearts Band and also The Black Keys – its got dirty riffs, ruff vocals and pounding drums – plus an amazing Johnny Marresque Harmonica – if it came from the deep south of the USA you wouldn’t be surprised – its from Merseyside and that Mersey delta sound is getting bigger and bigger.

Wrapping up this love fest and keeping the selection varied is the new track from Narcissus featuring Becki Fishwick and a 100% banger called Cuttin Thru red Tape – its a big beat of a track that harks back to that 90’s era of rock n rave n dance – its Primal Scream, Kasabian sounding but with a great vocal from Becki – it got a groove to kill for and will fill any dance floor if we can ever tread those boards again soon. It will wait and I will meet you in the middle.

Well I better get off now and continue to share my love where its needed – but I hope you enjoy these and take a listen and if you can – Listen, Share, Buy, Repeat.





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