Interview with…Tom Stade – The Lennox Lewis of Comedy

Tom is a Rock Star. Pure and simple.

He’s got the swagger, the attitude, the looks and the tunes. His tunes are of course jokes and he’s got plenty. His set list would beat most other acts into submission. He’s box office, the headliner, the one we all want to see.

Looking like the bastard son of Paul Rudd and Keith Richards, men and women adore him (my own wife loves him more then me I think), he’s out there gigging up and down the country spreading his wisdom and increasing his followers the Stadenise Army. I signed up a long time ago, after seeing his performance on TV about Wolverhampton and Meat – Blew me away.

But what do we know about him? Where is he actually from? Why is he here? Is the man the same as the myth?

Well thank the maker Tom agreed to answer some of my questions so let’s see what he has to say…..

So, Tom, how are you? How’s lock down been?

Super uncontrollable mood swings very up and down and I can see I’d probably be pretty hard to live with to be honest it’s like my monkey brain has gone gone into overdrive thank god I’m surrounded by loved ones though that aren’t armed…I think the 4 months in lockdown might have something to do with it but there have been no official studies follow me on Twitter please.

Do people still think you’re American?

It’s definitely their first choice with which is always fine I don’t expect people to know and sometimes I won’t correct them a start talking about my pentecostal upbringing and then tell them about the time I watched a tornado rip my trailer home from the ground destroying all I’ve ever known and explain it was a sign that god doesn’t like the gays…please don’t tell the Americans I’m doing that 🤫

Do you think you’ll ever return to Canada?

I’ll visit it’s a beautiful country and if you have been you have to go it mountains beaches just an extraordinary country with funny people but it’s fucking expensive and I’ve always thought I want to keep my adventure going maybe thinking about some Mediterranean sun soaked island where I live off of ugly looking fish and mango’s in my loincloth when I decide I’m done but then again Canada has legalised marijuana soooo….so maybe

Men and women seem to love you equally – what’s your secret?

Well at my shows not a lot of people know this but I am a qualified hypnotist I learnt it at a fundraiser green peace party where we all did micro dot LSD…it was a great party…and what I do is I plant “Tom is a comedy God” at around the 34 minute part of my show into their unconscious waiting mind…I think a lot of performers are doing it so it’s not anything really new. But Ta-Da secrets out.

What’s your view on current censorship to old TV shows and comedy as a whole?

Censorship is of the utmost importance right now a lot of people have been traumatised through sitcoms in general and it’s been going on for years…I think they should ban most things on TV it’s just gotten out of hand…artists should know better than that “why do they always need to cross the line” you playing it safe should be dangerous enough because it’s really important that everyone’s feelings are catered to and those people who think people they don’t know should care about their feelings are the real hero’s to me…I mean if something happens to you no one should be able to laugh at it ever…even if they don’t know you or care…especially when it comes to comedy like let’s just stick to cute animal sitcoms where they talk funny…I don’t think it’s asking too much really.

What is your favourite TV show?

In no peticular order

Peppa pig

Danger Mouse

Hanna Montana (I know old school right)

Shaun the Sheep

Wallace and Gromit

If you ever relax, what do you do to chill?

I love to just head down to the youth center and give back to the community and inspire young kids ranging from 8 to 15 years old to see there potential and help them to learn how to write their humorous ideas and make sense of their lives so they see the funny side and don’t get in with the wrong crowd and turn it into a stand up form it‘s very therapeutic for a lot of them plus I just don’t want one kid left behind it would break my heart…it’s quite inspiring and some of those kids are really funny and they inspire me and in turn plus they sell me great weed…I just love them dearly.

Will comedy clubs survive Covid?

Nope it’s all over and it’s a real shame that a lot of these clubs were living hand to mouth which is not a viable business model and I think it’s right we live in a capitalistic society where only the strong survive and if a pandemic shows up and it’s not your fault and at the mercy of government regulations well tough shit welcome to bankruptcy…you don’t deserve a bail out…what do you think you’re a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac or massive banking conglomerates that were just plain reckless with taxpayers money or something…please plus people don’t need laughter it’s a useless human trait that should of stopped along time ago..let’s just save important stuff like west end tribute musicals I think most people will agree

Can you tell me a joke?

What do you get when you put a billionaire sex predator in jail…and murder mystery involving a lot of powerful people that reach the very top…😂😂😂😂 it makes me laugh even when I type it out.

So there you have it – words of wisdom from one of the best Canadian imports since maple syrup and Degrassi Junior High.

Huge thanks to Tom for doing this – at his request I have left the spelling and grammar as he sent it – who am I to argue with a Comedian.

Hopefully at some point soon – we will see Tom back on stage – he is a relentless performer up and down this fair isle and you can see him at small comedy venues or large stadiums – I must give a quick shout out to who put on some amazing gigs with brilliant comedians including Tom and it really supports grass roots comedy. Please check them out.

Tom has his own website where you can also check out more about him:

You Tube

Twitter @Tomstadecomic

And loads of other social media sites.

I hope you all enjoyed this and I would appreciate your feedback and comments as always.



**All photos used are copyright of the original owner – I hope they don’t mind**


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