Interview with – Nicki Donohoe – Cool, Normal, Northern

So when I started this blog, I didn’t want it just to be about New Bands and Musicians. I wanted to include people that I felt my followers would want to read and know about. They could be from the arts, media, TV or Film, Comedy, anywhere really, but they have to pass my stringent criteria. They have to be intelligent, funny, ideally a Mod and ultimately cool.

Safe to say Nicki passed with flying colours and I am grateful for giving me some of her precious time to answer a few questions below. Enjoy.

So introuduce yourself, who are you?

I’m Nicki!

And where are you from?

I live in Sheffield, born and bred. Although I do manage to locate myself all over the country with my work.

And what do you do?

I do many things that mainly involve photo shoots and filming ! Mainly I do hair and make up, and wardrobe dressing. I also do commercial and fashion modelling and bits of body part modelling! I basically do all sorts.

So haven’t I seen you somewhere before?

You may have seen me on the odd TV show, I was one on the girls on Take Me Out series 3 (don’t judge!) I’ve also been on a show called The Big Audition where I won a hand model contract with Barry M. In between that Ive been on many tv commercials .. mainly involving furniture products .. and various things in magazines and billboards etc. I think I was the face of a bank at one point. And Poundland wigs. It’s all very glamorous.

Tell me about being a Mod, how did you get into it?

Mod culture for me was always part of my life.. I used to look at some local mods who were older than me and wish I could be just like them. There were also a couple of skin girls and I just thought they were amazing. Music and fashion is a huge part of my life and I love the mod style. Not so much a Fred Perry or a 60s dress but more like the attention to detail of a well fitted suit. Good socks and polished shoes. Tailored coats are my thing. Just that ‘sharpness’ and girls with their immaculate hair. And the music is always good!! I love northern soul and ska too. Also Motown was very big in our household growing up.

How have you been coping with lockdown?

I’m always busy which I’m grateful for, it is nice to try mix that up with being at home a bit more but I’m generally a workaholic. I don’t sit still very well!

Who are your style icons?

My style icons … I have so many. I love people like Audrey Hepburn, Steve McQueen, Mary Quant .. but I could put any film on from the 60s and just watch it for the clothes. And then I’ll have a new style icon. You can’t go far wrong in my eyes, if you go for the classic 60s tailoring.

Who are you favourite bands?

Favourite bands.. I don’t think I have a favourite. I often get told I have ‘eclectic’ taste and if you look in my vinyl I’d think it would be impossible to guess what I was in to! It changes so much. From Bowie to ska and punk, Italian classical, reggae, psychedelic shoe gazing, original rat pack, Ella Fitzgerald .. and even electro 80s pop! Really changes day to day. All depends on my mood and weather !

So whats your favourite record?

Again it’s hard to say what my favourite record is ! Just as I have so many. Anything by Stevie Wonder would always be in my top 5. And Sam Cooke. The LAs album is always a winner too.

Whats your favourite alcoholic beverage?

Sometimes I’m a G&T girl. Red Wine with nice food though ! But my favourite drink is a good old pint of Guinness.

Whats your favourite Curry or Fish & Chips?

Curry or fish and chips ? BOTH !! I don’t eat fish but chips and curry..I’d probably eat that every day if I could.

Seeing as 2020 is a bit of a write off, whats your hopes for 2021?

Hopes for 2021… carry on being busy. I’ve been lucky enough to get to a certain level in my professional career .. although it’s taken a long time.. so anything I can add to it would be amazing. I’m quite enjoying going back into TV so I might explore that a bit more.

Tea or Coffee?

Tea or coffee … black tea. I’ve never tasted coffee would you believe (MT – WHAT!)

Seeing as your into fashion and style – whats your favourite decade?

Favourite decade … that’s a hard question. 60s for the clothes. But I also loved music that came out in the 70s and 80s .. 80s fashion though. We will leave that where it is !

So for me being a Southener I have a Barf or go to Barf (Bath), what do you say?

I’m a Yorkshire girl ! It’s bath ! (Southern readers please read this as Baff) 🙂

So when you do get time to relax, what is your favourite TV to watch?

At the minute I’m loving Schitts Creek and I’m also watching original Twin Peaks episodes. I do love a good crime documentary though. I’m sure I’m a bit morbid. And if I see a vintage Top of the pops that’s always a winner.

Last question – Red or Brown sauce?

Brown !!

So there you have it – one of Sheffields finest answering a few questions you were desperate to know – thanks again Nicki as I know how busy you are. Perhaps I should of asked for some styling tips, but I think I’m a lost cause.

Please feel free to comment and I hope you enjoyed something different and also female. This is not just for lads blog!

You can follow Nicki on Instagram and Twitter –

Twitter – @nickidonohoe

Peace N Love



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