RBOC and Wonky Pop Merch

Heres the link to my new Merch Store – Loads to purchase…..


So I keep getting asked about my merch – my Tees and Mugs especially.

I created them initially as a bit of a laugh and to thank a few people that had helped me over the last year during lockdown.

I never started any of this blogging malarkey to earn money – it’s all for the love of it and to help my own MH and Anxiety issues – it’s the best thing I have done ever.

So the thought of me selling my brand is a difficult choice – I can’t just give them away as they cost me money, however I thought if you want them I would put it out there and let it do its own thing.

Any income I make, I am going to think long and hard about how I can use it for good and expand on my vision and ideas for RBOC. I’m not sure yet but I can assure you it’s not just a quick buck making exercise and I think you all trust me enough and know I’m not clever enough for that.

If you have any particular size/style/colour requests please contact me as I can make it happen.

** UPDATE – I have now created a Wonky Pop page of merch and also a Ukraine Version – ALL profits at present will be going to Red Cross Ukraine**

PNL as always



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