Autumn Almanac – Tanner’s Bangers


There's no point having a blog if you don't write, so therefore my faithful reader I apologise for my recent tardiness and to make it up to you I'm giving you an extra special version of my reviews and what's been floating my boat over at Tanner Towers. First up then it's Hits to Spare … Continue reading Autumn Almanac – Tanner’s Bangers

The Sweating Buckets Hot List


As I sit here in a room that basically is like sitting inside a sauna but luckily with no naked German bloke sitting too close to me, I'm playing a bunch of songs that just seem ideal for this time of year! Well what are they then Mr Rebirth? Let us know whats tickling your … Continue reading The Sweating Buckets Hot List

The Rebirth Of Cool Hot List 5 – WFH Tunes.

Another week gone and the first where I had to WFH in a long while. However that does have it's benefits - yep I get to listen to loads more music. And that's lucky because this week has been a stonker and I have been inundated with great songs from all genres. So despite sitting … Continue reading The Rebirth Of Cool Hot List 5 – WFH Tunes.

The Rebirth Of Cool Hot List 3


The thing about hot lists, is that as soon as you finish one, you gotta do another straight away. Its like a never ending episode of TOTP - I'm very obsessed with TOTP'90 at the minute - great seeing again Indie taking over the Pops studio. Anyway focus Tanner. So flying out of the blocks … Continue reading The Rebirth Of Cool Hot List 3