20 Questions with…Greencircles

So my new geordie friends, spared me some time earlier to answer my legendary 20 Questions – here they are:

1.       Who are you?

Paul McGill, one quarter of GreenCircles.

2.       Where are you?
Newcastle Upon Tyne.  Toon Toon!

3.       What do you do in the band?

Write songs, sing sometimes and play guitar.  We have two songwriters in the band, David and I both write but he sings everything live as he can really belt them out so I’m doing the backing vocals when we play live. 

4.       Who else is in the band?

Dave Mooney – Lead singer, songwriter and guitarsGraham Bull – BassSteve Winter – Drums 

5.       What do you sound like?

Well if you’re asking me (and you are!), we’re all about the melody, chiming guitars and harmonies with Bruce Foxton on bass and Keith Moon on drums!  Live, it’s heavier (and louder!) than on record.  We’ve been compared to The La’s and Teenage Fanclub at recent gigs.

6.       Where can I hear you? 
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/558sPS80WaHYf1yjbSrrjQ?si=k9_gDIS3S5yI_fyXu68rmQ

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/gb/artist/greencircles/1509146836

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXD4A3FVOG4kcBEEzktx_hQ

BandCamp: https://greencircles1.bandcamp.com

You can also hear us on Gilded Cage by Mooney 84. It’s part of our setlist, we recorded it last November and it came out a couple of months ago under the name Mooney 84. It’s written by David and he’s on vocals.

Mooney 84: https://open.spotify.com/track/2vFvfii0ZCRjNUGV3PFEI4?si=9G50WmNNTieMxHXr9I8Ikg

7.       Where can I see you? 

We’ve had a load of gigs scrapped for obvious reasons but the most likely candidate is with Crimson Bloom in Middlesbrough around October with a return leg in Newcastle to be arranged in November.

8.       Who are your favourite musicians? 

Some of them are obvious from listening to the music such as The La’s, Stone Roses, Oasis, the Mondays, The Jam, The Smiths.  We’re named after a Small Faces tune so they’re obviously a big influence but for me, my favourite musicians of all time are The Beatles.  I never tire of reading about them, listening to the, watching them.  It amazes that they did so much in such a short period.  I also listen to loads of other stuff outside guitar bands such as Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Bobby Womack, Amy Winehouse, Erykah Badu and loads of new soul stuff that I’m coming across all the time thanks to the wonders of Spotify. 

9.       What’s your best song?

Hmmm…hard to say.  Going from live reactions I’d say that Blackbird and Morning After Blues of the songs that I’ve written and Stop The Rain and Gilded Cage of the songs that David’s written.  It’s strange though, I’ve written loads of songs that I think are better than Blackbird/Morning After Blues but those two seem to strike a chord more.  You always think the song you’ve just written is your best ever anyway…

10.   Favourite new band?

Once you delve into the murky depths of Twitter, you realise that there is so much fantastic music being created all the time and there’s not enough time to take it all in so I’ll just list a few – Samuel Rodgers, The Kairos, Fontaine’s DC, The Shambolics, She Drew The Gun, The Mariners, Crimson Bloom, This Modern Hope, The LEVIS (they’ve got a great song called Honey I’m Alright), Sun Mahshene, Pip Millett and Mahalia.  According to Spotify, my most played artist last year was Anderson.Paak so there’s another one but obviously he’s more established than the others in the list.  

11.   Beer, wine or spirits? 

All of the above. Beer when you’re actually out in the world (remember that?…) wine or spirits at home.

12.   Best night out? 

Going out with the lads in town. We’ve been friends since school days so it’s basically just ripping each other to bits, having a laugh,  getting far too drunk and then swearing that we’ll never do it again.  Looking forward to doing that soon (hopefully).

13.   Curry or Fish n Chips? 

Fish n Chips with the wife and kids at the beach.

14.   Hopes for 2020/21? 

Hopefully things can get back to normal so we can spend more time with friends and family and get back out into the world.  On the music front, get some gigs sorted if that’s even possible but continue to release new stuff.  Still not sure whether to do singles/eps/albums.  My gut is that regular singles is the way to go because there’s so much out there.    

15.   Tea or Coffee?

Both.  Tea if I’m hungover.

16.   Vinyl, CD or download? 

I’m going to add a fourth option here – streaming. Spotify is my friend.  

17.   Is it a barf or a baff (Bath)?  Bath.

18.   Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones? 
  Neither. I watched the first couple of seasons of Breaking Bad and wasn’t too fussed. I don’t like wizards and dragons so I’ve never even bothered with Game of Thrones. Just started watching Succession. The Ozark is good. Lots of good stuff to watch.

19.   Red or brown sauce?  Brown.

20.   Liam or Noel?

Liam.  He’s a bit of a loose cannon but I think he seems to have a good heart.  Solo stuff’s pretty good too.  Noel seems to be a bit of a misery and although he’s written some absolute belters, I’ve never got into his solo stuff.

Well thanks Paul for your answers – I hope it wasn’t too taxing.

As Paul mentioned Greencircles are available from all good websites detailed above. I really like this band they got some swagger and we need more bands from the North East – hopefully one day I will be able to go back for another visit.

Till next time.

Peace and Love


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