Single of the week – Clockwork – Glass Violet

New releases should be an event. Exciting, anticipation as you finally get your hands on the piece of history.

In these days, it’s tricky to do but you can out of the blue hit everyone in the face with a bat as your release drops.

Yesterday after some teasing we had two hits. One from Doves a classy piece of music and a welcome return after 11 years.

But at midnight we got this. Clockwork by Glass Violet.

So the Bristol lads will have to go some to impress further after their two previous releases – Over the Moor and the infectious Chemicals with the brilliant chorus of “put your best trousers on”.

Its got that sound that is a bit like The Killers and maybe even Foals but with guitars that are early Oasis (Columbia) – its quite an epic to be fair it builds slowly with a ticking clock, and then the guitars kick in and drives on and on to its climatic stop.

Whilst it doesn’t have the killer chorus of Chemicals, its an accomplished piece of music and cements this band in the ones to watch category for sure.

My eye is watching, my ears tuned – what you got next lads?

Well done.



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