Introducing – Milo Gore – Tougher then the rest

Some artists write albums that are a tough listen. Some are so truthful they hurt when you listen. They hit hard. You want to turn off but you can’t. They reach deep inside your soul. Pulling at feelings you didn’t know you had or were struggling to control.

When I think of these artists and the so called difficult albums I’m drawn to the work of Joy Division. Unknown Pleasures and Closer lay bare a tortured soul. In Utero is a another. Kurt at his finest. The Holy Bible. The lyrics of Richie Edwards laying it all on the line. Truth, despair, suffering, loss, redemption they are all here in these albums.

These albums are no boy meets girl songs. Well they might, be but not in the traditional sense. But they are classics. No doubt. But they hurt, they hurt like hell.

Milo Gore has just released an album of such raw and honest beauty it has the potential to sit alongside these albums. Its called How do you cope while grieving for the living?

He’s not holding back on this album, it’s all there to listen to. I don’t think I’ve heard lyrics like it in over 20 years. This album needs to be heard. It needs to be heard so that we all know someone is singing the songs for our darkest moments, when hope may be lost there is this music, someone is out there expressing these feelings. Doing it for us.

It’s an album that I guess you would call modern indie, pop, soul. It’s taking the best of what has been before and and twisting it into something new, something that if the lyrics were just about boy meets girl and lives happily ever after we would still think it sounded amazing.

But the voice. Milo has the kind of voice that sounds pop perfect in many ways, but then it’s Ian Curtis at times. Julian Casablancas even Sam Smith at other times. It’s got a street realness to it. Just like the lyrics. Milo needs to be heard (did I mention that already). He deserves to be heard.

But despite all of this its still got catchy hooks and choruses. You can probably dance to it. Well I’m sure you can dance to it – I tried – The Song Eyeliner especially. That’s the beauty of this record – you can enjoy it just as a great new record but at some stage you will listen to the lyrics and then its elevated to another level – a level of greatness.

Some key songs on the album are Homegrown with lyrics such as:

All these thoughts

They’re coming from my head.

But without you all, Without you all..

I’d surely be dead and buried,

Ashes gone to the wind.

Complete Peace starts off with this verse:

Everybody knows the pain I feel,

So this song ain’t no different.

It’s a tune about feeling lost,

Confused and indifferent.(I’m getting lost.)

Confused and indifferent.(I’m getting lost.)

Confused and indifferent.(I’m getting lost.)

Eyeliner again doesn’t hold back

Slow down you’re dead,

You forgot your M.E.D.S. again.

This time you’re dead,

This time you’ve met your end.
Put down the gun,

You’ve had your daily fun.It’s time to get up,

It’s time to set up, It’s time for you to leave.. It’s time for you to leave!!

Its strong stuff indeed – but in these times we need it – it’s helped me no end.

So what of Milo himself – well I’m pleased to say he is good – I don’t want to tell you his story and I’m sure he would share if I asked him. But for now you have the music and that is more than enough.

Thank you Milo for allowing me access to some of your lyrics – I hope you like this piece as much as I do – its taken me a while but I’m so passionate about it I wanted to get it right.

Please find the links to Milo Here on Spotify and Twitter – please follow him and give him some well deserved feedback.

As always, I totally appreciate you reading this – but most importantly I want you to listen to the music and the artist – share it, talk about it and where possible buy physical copies of albums/singles or whatever you can do to help musicians during this exceptionally difficult time. We won’t get music like this if they all retrained as Plumbers or Car Salesman.

Peace and Love

Be Kind


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