Sistas are doing it for themselves.

Boys, Boys Boys – that’s all you hear.

Well not so much anymore – the girls are back – making it to the front, to the top, setting the bench mark.

Following on from my piece on Men Solo Singers – I promised I would do the same for our Soul Sisters, highlight the best I’m hearing and sharing with you all.

Well I had loads to choose from – which is just brilliant – its a great time to be a singer at the minute and I’m hearing such a wealth of talent from all areas of music, punk, psych, emo, soul, disco, indie, acoustic. Its just so inspiring.

My picks are solo artists (mostly) – however I must shout out to all the female fronted bands out there – so many but special mention to Tiger Mimic, Spyres, SKIES, The Mysterines, Lucky Iris all great bands producing killer songs with bags of attitude and something to say.

So here’s my picks of the rest.

Connie Miles – Ok so not strictly a solo artist but living the double life as lead singer in upcoming teenage indie band Revivalry (check them out BTW) but Connie has put out a few of her own songs and at the tender age of just 16, she shows a talent and style beyond her years – The song Freedom is a beautiful track and she has just released a bit of a banger Needle’s Eye. This young lady is going to be around for a long while.

Lucy Gaffney is another star in the making. Anyone that can cover The Stone Roses song Your Star will shine and add more beauty to it, has my vote. Just released is the brilliant pop song Send me away – the kind of song that gets stuck in your head as soon as you hear it. Pop at its best but with a cool slant.

If I just wrote about Scottish talent at the moment it’ll probably take me about a week – its rich and full of music and Carly Connor is right up there. Whose gonna love you? Is one of those classic soul songs from the 60’s that gets everyone singing along. Its part Amy Whinehouse and part Bonnie Tyler (it works). Carly’s music is soul with country and pop – Dolly Parton mixed with the best Paul Heaton songs that Jacqui Abbott sings. Check her out.

Hayley Mary is another brilliant artist – I love the song Like a woman should – its got that 80s pop feel to it – like what Cyndi Lauper does. Its great and well worth a listen. Also the song The Piss, The Perfume (what a great title) should make all those parka monkeys sit up and take notice as its got more balls then most bloke bands out there.

Finally and not least is Kitti – super soulful, groovy jazz laid back vibes – Kandy Kissin is like the song you’d expect those American Supergirl groups to release – the production is amazing and Kitti’s voice is just sublime – easily one of the best songs of the year. Kitti has loads of these great songs to listen to – great for Sunday morning chill out – the song Rain is brilliant. Please listen.

And that’s just a snapshot – I’ve already written a piece on Reba (great talent), but artists diverse as Otta and Susie Blue are also well worth checking out.

So please give some time to these talents – you will find much to enjoy and hopefully find another new artist to support.

I’ll be adding lots of these songs to my Singer/Songwriter playlist so you can check them out but as always its best to Listen, Share, Buy, Repeat.

I’d love to read your comments as always.

Peace n Hooj Love


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