Welcome to The Heavy North


So, what does it take to be a great Rock Band nowadays? Is it the same as it ever was? Or does it need something modern, or even something futuristic included? My view has and probably always will be made up of the following… A great front man and singer, a kick arse, virtuoso guitarist, … Continue reading Welcome to The Heavy North


When the Music’s over…play another record.


So as the dust settles from an amazing weekend of music and fundraising I'm left thinking what now? What's next? So despite my own little session being a disaster, the Inyourearsmusic sessions supporting #FBWMusic was a triumph...pulling together the great and good from a burgeoning new music scene from all over the country and into … Continue reading When the Music’s over…play another record.

In The Studio With – Citylightz

So our favourite Wolverhampton wonders have been a bit quiet of late, whilst they continue to entertain on socials like all great bands their quest for World Dominance has hit pause somewhat. However taking the opportunity to get some new tunes down - they recently decamped to one of the most legendary studio's in the … Continue reading In The Studio With – Citylightz

Single of the week – The Rosadocs – Say Something

It seems that Yorkshire is a rich haven for talent at the moment - as well as having great tea. The Rosadocs are another new band that you may not heard of, a 4 piece hailing from Sheffield. They have been around since 2017 releasing songs, gigging and getting better all the time. I have … Continue reading Single of the week – The Rosadocs – Say Something