Geezer Pop – Ruff n Ready! Part 1..

We all like a genre…it helps us understand the music we are listening to…whether we should invest our time into it. Is it something you want to be part of? Is it something you would like?

Over recent months I’ve been recommended a lot of music that kinda links together…it’s loud and in your face… punky but with dance or hip hop beats made by leftfield artists that have mostly been around the block, lived a life and have a tale to tell.

It’s been called Geezer Pop – a name first mentioned to me by one of the subjects of this Blog – Lewca (more on him later).

One of the front runners of this scene is the delightful Sleaford Mods. A middle aged duo producing hardhitting, lyrically challenging music that isn’t easy on the ears but talks/sings about real life. You know them already right.

However scratch the surface and there is plenty more bubbling under, leading the second wave is the iresistable punk pop rap of Lewca. Whilst he’s been around the music and arts scene for a number of years, its only since the start of 2021 he’s been making waves with his been there, done it approach, his wry take on life backed up with the excellent EPs n Collaborations including 3 Kids & a Mortgage, Walking the Hedgehog and also mostly recently the EP Geezer Pop.

I asked Lewca for his thoughts on this genre and he delightfully replied with the following:

In Philosophy, as in all worthwhile intellectual endeavours, one must begin by establishing the terms and definitions. Therefore I feel I have an obligation to make use of this preamble in order to clarify what I consider to be pop & what or whom I think is a geezer.

The word Pop has been used with both admiration and disdain for many years in the music industry obviously but also more generally within the arts, it is at the same time synonymous with the dream of financial gain and the purported ignorance of the masses, it is no haphazard that vulgus & populus are more or less synonymous in latin, the overall idea being that the general public (and their tastes) are vulgar. Now hold that thought for a second.

For me the concept of pop music is the attempt to make a connection with others, often through falsely simplistic compositions and or storytelling, in this sense ACDC, Nirvana, Oasis, the Beatles, Radiohead, Jacques Brel, David Bowie, all make pop music because they are attempting to connect with others, and share their life experience via their own singular world view, on a massive scale. I guess I see an anthemic element to it also, in the sense that we (the people) all need someone to shout for, and to shout with.

Going back to the perceived vulgar aspect of pop, the geezers of the world are comfortable with who they are, where they come from, and to some extent, how little is expected from them. Geezer pop is basically pop music, but with no frills, bells or whistles, just a story to tell, and music to be made. All the acts mentioned above fall into this category for me, because it’s not about an accent, a musical genre, a city, or a country. It’s about not giving a fuck and telling your story the way it is, because deep down we all know the truth when we hear it. 

Wise words indeed and to be honest I’ve struggled to add anything further to this.

However I can direct you to Lewca’s Bandcamp page so you can sample his Sarf London meets Paris cool stuffs:

But Geezer Pop isn’t a new thing, its been around for a while – stalwarts of the scene may include the likes Ian Dury, Jimmy Pursey, Chas N Dave, Dr Feelgood and Serge Gainsberg. Madness, The Prodigy, The Libertines, Baxter Dury, the list can go on quite a bit.

And its not all about blokes either – it isn’t a music genre that is just made by men for men – you can add onto that list Debbie Harry/Blondie, Elastica, Lily Allen, and more recently Billy Nomates and Ynes – its a shared world and I guarantee there are just as many women making this sound as there are men.

So over the next couple of articles, I will delve deeper into the history of Geezer Pop, how it has evolved and where it is now – it should be fun and if you would like to contribute or comment please let me know.

I have also started a play list called originally enough Geezer Pop and you can check it out below and again let me know of any tracks or artists I should include.

Should be an interesting ride.

Geezer Pop Play List

Thanks for reading and please share, because that is caring.



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