Single Review – The Shed Project – My Life

I make no apologies for writing again about The Shed Project.

When a band or artist continues to raise their own bar, repeatedly with each release or each decision they make, it needs to be documented and it needs to be shared.

So, without sounding sycophantic, the Sheds have done it again and this might just go down as their defining musical moment, but then I said that before as well.

In recent years I can only really think of Alex Turner and prior to that Jarvis Cocker that has written lyrics that portrays and encapsulates so well working-class life and growing up in the North. Prior to that perhaps early Weller during his Jam days or Ray Davies from the Kinks who had the ability to conjure up the same images of humdrum lives of milk bottles and roast beef on a Sunday with a southern perspective.

These song writers resonate and are remembered amongst the greats whether it’s for Mardy Bum or A Certain Romance, through Mis-Shapes and Common People onto A Town Called Malice and That’s Entertainment whilst dreaming of Waterloo Sunset or an Autumn Almanac, to name but a few.

Well, I think I’m going to have to add the name Roy Fletcher to this list as this single should be held in the same regard as the songs named above and the writers that wrote them and I’ll prove it to you over the next few paragraphs.

But first the music…. it’s maybe due to Roy’s larger than life persona that it could be easy to overlook the rest of the band but clearly with this single it shows again the musical aptitude of the band that they have been able to expand their sound with each release and as confidence grew in what they were doing, get better and better.

Starting off with an impressive Organ keyboard intro from Danny Haynes of The Jade Assembly, all swirly and dizzy like a fun fair ride, Roy’s voice kicks in as the band start with a low-key approach before a jangle tastic guitar takes over that has that melancholic exuberance that was a trademark of Johnny Marr at his Smiths best. Lead guitarist Olli clearly enjoying himself as the young guitar hero you may all be waiting for. The rest of the band all add to the overall sound – the pounding Roses type drums and reliable rhythms of Shane backed up with the bass of Tim and rhythm guitar of John – they all have an important part to play in this band of brothers – remember Oasis needed Bonehead, Guigsy and Tony just as much as Liam as Noel to bring their sound to the masses.

It’s a catchy as hell song that reminds the listener of what it was like to be young and dream those dreams and how you can still achieve them regardless of your starting point.

I will finish off then by writing about the lyrics, as is starting to be the case on many of the bands songs, they are of a personal nature where Roy gets to sing about his and therefore many of our experiences in getting through life – for me this shows an ability to connect with the masses as detailed above and put into words how you feel. It is a rare gift.

Starting with the classic line of “Got dragged up when I was born on a council estate, sugar butties and custard creams were the order of the day” then onto “Got brought up on hand me downs, I’m just a lad from Bolton town, I wouldn’t have it any other way” This for me is kitchen sink drama lyrics at the very best.

“The older kids used to pick on me, I used to think I was Bruce Lee” – for me, the best couplet on the whole track – who didn’t used to think they were Bruce Lee – the imagery created is simply perfect.

There is plenty to admire and listen to – but to be honest you will just be singing along and hugging your mates if you see them perform it live.

The line that will bring some worthy comparisons to early Oasis lyrics, is this beauty and a real call to arms for the Shed Heads and anyone else listening to grab hold of:

“So, dream those dreams, aim for the stars, show them what you mean, just be who you are.”

And I think there isn’t a lot else I can say – it’s up to you faithful reader to listen and share this song and keep the Shed Heads number growing ever more.

My Life is released on the 8th October 2021 on all popular streaming sites and the band make their debut in Manchester supported by MC Tunes on the 22nd October 2021 at the already sold out Off The Square venue. Manchester you better be ready.

Peace N Love



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