In the spotlight: Joe Peacock

This is a great interview and insight into a talented songwriter.


Joe Peacock is a prolific singer-songwriter from Birmingham (UK). Joe grew up in rural Herefordshire. The family house was a long way from anywhere. It was hard to get to see other children, so Joe spent a lot of time on his own. Boredom was quite a good spur for creativity and he began writing poetry and lyrics as a teenager. Lockdown has made him write more songs than ever before.

How do you think your hometown and current home has affected you and your music today?

“Musically, there wasn’t any kind of scene where we lived and I moved to another pretty unfashionable place, Stoke, to go to university. After university, I lived in St. Petersburg, (Russia) for about seven years before moving to Birmingham. I largely hang around with people in the metal scene there, although I was playing something more like grunge/alt rock at the time. I’ve…

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