Single Review – Minerva Daisy – Wildfire

The art of good pop music is making a song that sounds relevant and contemporary but also harks back to what has came before and gives you a little sense of nostalgia of music you heard as a kid or a teenager, oh and to ideally wrap it all up in 3 mins of musical delight.

It sounds easy but it really isn’t and I guess that’s why it could be a dying form, I mean I know the charts are full of POP acts at the minute but not really pop music. There may be a few big hitters doing it but what about out there in our streets and suburbs, what about Indie Pop?

Indie Pop is a genre that has always been either loved or maligned, the ability to balance between pop sensibilities whilst also having the cool indie kids like you is a tricky business but when done well it’s as good as you can get. Bands like Pulp or Blur did it perfectly, The Cardigans were another or even further back Adam and the Ants were from Punk rock initially. But what about now?

In the last few years I’ve heard some great Indie Pop from the likes of Bxtr, Hi Sienna and Bugeye, songs that are infuriatingly catchy but also are cool and have some depth to them. Obviously I’m a big Wonky Pop fan and my ears will always pick out a good melody and a tune that fits into all of the above and just makes you feel happy.

Thus it was with a great surprise that when I opened the email from Manchesters Minerva Daisy that this new choon was to do just that. Inspiring me to write down some words and big up this maybe new indie pop explosion that is getting ready to rule the airwaves once more.

Wildfire comes in at a swift 2 mins and 24 seconds it catches fire and burns out quickly but that’s not to say it doesn’t set you alight as well.

Kicking off with a piano sound straight out of the best Madness or Supergrass (both class pop acts) songs, Minerva’s vocals boom in. A strong and confident vocalist that’s part Tori Amos and part Justine Frischmann…in fact I can picture Minerva being in an Elastica type band if this was 1995.

And just as it gets going and your bobbing along to it…it ends… short sharp and sweet

Summers here now and with the likes of Grace Calver, Lissy Taylor and Laura Jayne all exploring this indie pop renaissance it’s great to hear so many female voices leading the charge. Because you can have too much parka monkeys and bucket hats you know.

Wildfire is out today – go check it out:

As always please let me know what you think.



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