Single Review – Teenage Waitress – Pretty Little Baby

After releasing one of my favourite albums of 2020 with the Wonky Psychedelic Pop of Love & Chemicals plus also doing a few gigs (one of which was for me πŸ˜ƒ) Mr Teenage Waitress or Dan to his friends has been a bit quiet.

Beavering away working on album two, he has only released a record store day 7 inch on the cool Colorama label that he is signed to, which included a stonking remix by label mates Pale Sabres.

However aware that us Waitresses are desperate for new stuffs, Mr TW is going to release a new one off track from his album sessions which is a cover of an old Marvin Gaye song Pretty Little Baby.

Whilst I’m aware of a lot of Marvins work ( who isn’t), this isn’t a song I know at all, so I can review it solely on the basis of what it sounds like and not get caught up in the covering a legend nonsense that often happens.

Pretty Little Baby is a perfect alt-pop song for the Summer with it’s mostly bossonova type groove and melody within its 3 minutes. It manages to cram a lot in this short space of time and as is the way with TW songs, you left thinking what did it reminded you of whilst being quite unique in its own fantastic way.

I’ve always liked a stop gap single by artists, one that harks back to the previous album but also gives you a little tantaliser of what is to come. Following up Love and Chemicals is a big ask, but if this single proves anything it’s that TW has plenty more tricks up his sleeve and this should excite many to the new stuffs coming but also being accessible enough to allow new listeners to enjoy.

I would suggest listening to this as the sun sets drinking a mojito in your garden or other relaxing space as it’s pretty damn cool and I’m sure Marvin would approve wholeheartedly.

Pretty Little Baby is released on the 19th August via Colorama records, from all main streaming sites.

Please do check out the debut album Love and Chemicals whilst you’re at it. An absolute cracker of any album the deserves to be heard by a lot more ears.

Let me know what you think.




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