The Rebirth of Cool

So it was bound to happen – guitar music was dead, vinyl was dead, streaming ruled, kids didn’t want to go and see bands, they wanted quick access to memes, You-Tube, Twitter, Insta, Tik-Tok, they didnt even go out anymore.

Who wanted to invest in a band or an artist, who wanted to buy CD’s let alone vinyl, who cared about guitar music, who cared about Rock N Roll. The war was over, well and truly over – youth cultured had diversified so much since the late 90’s, everything was accessible from your fingertips.

Youth Culture, Music Scenes, all gone – The Empire had won! (First of geeky Star Wars references).

But hang on a minute – whats that I hear – distant rumblings, grumblings, is that static I hear as a guitar lead is plugged into an amp? Are they voices I hear warming up? Snare drums being hit, bass lines being plucked.

There was hope, a new hope – Cool wasn’t dead. It was being reborn.

And reborn it has, all over the country bands were being formed, practicing, writing songs, recording songs and using the new technology to their advantage – using it to fight back, using it to show case their talent, to connect, to find other like minded souls. One last hurrah, go down fighting or not at all.

A Phoenix from the flames.

The Rebirth Of Cool was happening and its continuing, getting bigger, getting better.

Vinyl was back, better then before – album listening was back, shared experiences, the old guard and the new guard standing together in solidarity.

The music scene was starting to buzz, its getting louder, can you hear it?

I can – yes its slightly distorted in one ear (Tinitus) but I could hear it – I’d heard it before, knew the sound, I’d fought the battles since late 80’s – through the peaks of 1990, The Britpop years, the Oasis take over of Rock N Roll, Raves, Electronica, Old Skool, Big Beat, the list goes on. Could I join this fight again? Did I fit in to it? Did I have anything to say, pass on and pass down?

Turns out I can, I do and I will. Whether it wants me or not I owe it to myself. I owe it to all those bands I supported over the years, all the drunken rants about whose better, best line up, best gigs etc. More importantly I owe it to the new crew, they may need me now more then ever.

So I’m going to blog, I’m going to be active, I’m going to write about New and Old, I’m going to do what I think is right – I want to have some fun.

Join me, follow me, comment, become involved – lets do this because at some point we are going to go over the top, face down the Empire, we may succeed we may not, but its going to be great trying.

So you ready?

Drum Roll – 1. 2. 3. 4.


Welcome to the Rebirth of Cool – Maybe even the Re-Rebirth of Cool – You decide.

Needle on the record, Play.



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